5 Surprise Floridians in Brooklyn, New York

The first thing I noticed about Brooklyn was the importance of the wine cellar to everyday life.

A wine cellar in Brooklyn, New York.

A wine cellar in Brooklyn, New York.

Andrew Lichtenstein/Getty Images

While Orlando’s convenience stores are sporadically scattered around the neighborhood and are usually stocked with snacks, lottery tickets and booze — they’re usually placed next to gas stations on main roads and close by midnight.

In my experience, there is a grocery store or local deli in almost every neighborhood in my Brooklyn area. Also, Brooklyn wine cellars open later and have a more diverse selection.

Depending on the size, some local wine cellars can offer everything from wild boar head cooked meat to laundry detergent, making it a true one-stop shop. I would never have thought of getting chicken or fresh broccoli from a convenience store in Orlando, even though there are options, but proximity makes quick and cheap food options more accessible.

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