A married couple separated for 8 months says they’ll do it again

  • A married couple separated for eight months has finally moved back in together.
  • Sana Akhand told Insider that she and her husband Adnan were in trouble after seven years of marriage.
  • They now share a place in California, but Sana said they would be separated again.

One A married couple who lived in different New York City apartments for eight months has moved back in together — but they won’t rule out moving in again.

Sana and Adnan Akhand tied the knot in their early 20s and have lived together for less than seven years. SanaaThe 32-year-old told Insider in February that she and her husband had experienced a breakdown in their marriage. To save their relationship, they decided to live in separate houses and manage their finances separately.

Sana said they envisioned a marriage that would remain independent. They don’t want to fall into the traditional role of husband and wife. But the opposite happened.

Sana’s story happened Go viral on TikTok In January, she shared a video that had more than 1.5 million views as of Friday. The couple agreed to live apart for up to three years, but after he started a new job on the West Coast, they decided to move back together in June (the experiment ran for eight months).

From their new rental home in Los Angeles, California, Sana told Insider that distance has made people love her even more, and she will no longer refuse to separate.

Adnan “has changed a lot,” she said. In addition to appreciating her more, she said he became “more affectionate and loving”. She added that traditional marriage dynamics could become “stale”. Living away from Adnan rekindled their intimacy, passion and “the excitement of being together again”.

Akhands got married in their early twenties.

Akhands got married in their early twenties.

Sana Akander

With their new residence on the West Coast, Sana said they plan to live on both sides of the coast in New York City and Los Angeles. She can still choose to live apart again.

“Part of that made me wonder if it’s a test that we’re living together now,” Sana said, noting that she’s writing a book on women, relationships and self-love. “Does more space make it better and easier? Or is it just a way of life that people can and should do?”

One situation where they will stay in the same home for a long time is with children, she added. “If we did have kids, we would definitely live together full-time,” Sana said. “It wasn’t done alone.”

But, says Sana, moving back has its challenges

According to Sana, the process of moving back in together has been “an adjustment” after living apart for several months.

She explained that at first they were happy to be together again, every day. But after three weeks, Sana started feeling “completely exhausted” and picked up old habits like making Adnan lunch and dinner every day. She said she was frustrated and didn’t feel like her usual self.

“I stopped doing everything I’ve learned in the past eight months and said I’d never do it again,” she said.

The couple now live in California.

The couple now live in Los Angeles.

Sana Akander

She and Adnan decided to set “boundaries” so they each had their own time. Sana said she wanted more time alone and with her friends.

“Monday to Thursday, we do our own thing,” she said. When Adnan works late, she says she uses those days to pursue her hobby of painting.

The weekend they spent together.

“Friday night, we cook dinner together; on Saturday, the phone is gone,” she said.

While it’s not easy to distance yourself from someone you love, Sana said she’s “actively making sure I don’t let him be my whole world.”

Another challenge was reconciling with her family, who she said did not understand why she and Adnan were separated. She added that negative comments made by strangers about their lifestyle on social media affected the family.

“They let what other people say get them,” Sana said. “Breaking social norms makes people uncomfortable, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.”

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