Apple Watch Series 8 leaks describe surprising design changes

Just got another report on what the next Apple Watch will look like. For the past 18 months, there have been rumors of a new Apple Watch design on the way, with flat edges, a larger screen, and a distinctive look.

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Trouble is, these rumors are for the Apple Watch Series 7, and while the current Watch does have a subtly altered design, it’s a far cry from what the leak had led to expect.

While some analysts have eggs in their faces, one leaker, @VNchocoTacoalso known as the ShrimpApplePro, claims the rumoured design is completely false.

The leaker revealed today what they think the Apple Watch Series 8 will bring.


Although in May they tweeted about the new flat front glass display, now they’ve specified the new design, stating: “Design: Sadly it’s the same as the Series 7, no design improvements. .”

That doesn’t mean there won’t be any changes to the highly anticipated Apple Watch Pro, which Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman claims will be a larger device and an improvement over the current design.

But with the Series 8, the design doesn’t seem to change. I like the design of the Series 7, so I’m not disappointed.

But ShrimpApplePro also has more information, like color.


In aluminium, the Series 8 will be available in four colours, Midnight, Starlight, Product (Red) and Silver. That’s a big change from the Series 7, which comes in Midnight, Starlight, PRODUCT(RED), blue, and a rather attractive green. But a lot of customers complain that there is no neutral color like silver, even though starlight is the best of the new shades in my opinion. Even so, I’m a little surprised that Apple will go from five to four colors.

For stainless steel watches, we can expect no change in color at all, with silver, graphite, and gold all present. This is also the same color as the Series 6, so again I’m cautious about what the ShrimpApplePro says, as it feels like there might be a slight change this time around.

Note that even if Apple sticks to the same colors, they almost always change slightly with each year, so gold stainless steel can be pale one year and yellow the next.

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Just like this year, there will be two sizes, 41mm and 45mm – although the rumored Apple Watch Pro could be larger, ShrimpApplePro didn’t comment on that. The Series 8 Watch will be compatible with previous Watch bands, something Apple has prioritized for years.


Allegedly, there won’t be a titanium Apple Watch version, although since Mark Gurman claims the Pro model could be titanium, that’s probably why.


Allegedly, the desired temperature sensor may not be on board, as the source does not see any visual indication of the new sensor. Although that’s not to say it doesn’t exist, it’s just that it’s not visible.

anything else?

Actually two small nuggets. First, the box seal would have stronger glue, so it would be hard to reseal once opened, which sounds like a clever security feature to me.

Second, the Watch appears to be on track for a September release without any delays. cheer.

The next Apple special event is expected to take place in the first half of September, and the wait isn’t long.

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