Astros’ Trey Mancini gets off to a good start with his new team, and it could be a sign of the future

MLB: Houston Astros at Cleveland Guards

Houston Astros add slugger Trey Mancini to team Just before the August 2 trade deadline Swap with the Baltimore Orioles. To say the least, Mancini gave him a fiery start to his career in Houston, a reminder of what he meant to the Astros.

He hit a home run against the Red Sox in Game 2 after the trade, then went deep in a 9-3 win over the Guards on Friday night in Cleveland. His first home run of the night helped him make some history:

His second homer of the night was the first major of his MLB career:

At the time of writing, Mancini had three hits as an Astros, and all three hits were home runs. He’s now slashing .268/.345/.425 on the season after a stellar performance on Friday night. No, Mancini won’t go on to hit 3 homers per 8 for Houston, but he will be a steady source of power throughout the season and playoffs. This is first because he is a very good hitter, but also because he will be a better fit at his new home.

You’ll recall that the Orioles resized Camden Field’s left field before the season. The new left field wall is about 30 feet from home plate and 5 feet higher than before, Based on estimates made baltimore sun. While Mancini has power in all areas, these changes in Baltimore have hurt him badly. Now he’s in Houston, probably the best left field porch in MLB. Perhaps not coincidentally, Mancini has shown a stronger pull approach since the trade. Yes, the data sample is ridiculously small, but it’s worth watching whether this trend will continue.

We know that Mancini has enough power.He had a commendable 35-homer season, hitting 21 last year after missing the entirety of 2020 his first season after beating colon cancerNow that he’s at a home stadium that hasn’t actively fought him – and will likely help him a lot – you might see the return of peak Mancini.

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