Barcelona try to register Robert Lewandowski and La Liga rejects four new signings

La Liga refused BarcelonaThe attempt to register their five summer signings took a huge hit ahead of the new season.

Despite serious financial woes, the Blaugrana is still very active in the transfer market and has brought in Frank Casey, Andreas Christensen, Rafinha, Robert Lewandorf Skye and Jules Kunde.

Their summer bash has left many confused, unable to understand how they can splurge on cash in their situation.

But according to Mirror, Sources say La Liga blocked their attempts to incorporate new players into the new system because they needed more money.

What’s more, Sergi Roberto and Ousmane Dembele – two players who signed new contracts on lower terms after their contracts expire – are also currently unable to register.

It’s a familiar dilemma for the Catalan side, as last year the club needed big pay cuts for players like Gerard Pique in order to allow new signings Memphis Depay, Eric Garcia and Ray Imanay can play.

Image: Alami
Image: Alami

This may not be enough, however, with Barca being told they must pull a fourth ‘economic lever’ – according to track and field.

A third lever emerged earlier this week when they agreed to sell a 25% stake in the Barça studio to for €100m (£83.7m).

In addition, they sold 25% of the TV rights to the US company Sixth Street over the next 25 years.

The deals are believed to have raised 767 million euros, but the next step could be to sell a 49 percent stake in its production company.

At Lewandowski’s unveiling on Friday, President Laporta said: “We have done a good job, we think we have met all the requirements. All documents have been sent and we are waiting for La Liga’s Reply.

“There may be some discrepancies, but as far as we know, there won’t be any issues because we’ve had everything [all of the requirements] They will be able to register football players.If not, we are ready to apply for the fourth time [economic] Leverage, we will do it. “

Barcelona will start the new season with a home game against Vallecano on August 13.

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