Children’s drag show ‘clean’, ‘family friendly’

This Washington post Continuing its apparent PR campaign, the drag show on behalf of the children is a real indoctrination by running another op-ed claiming that the events are “very clean for a family-friendly audience” and that laws designed to ban them.

“Drafting laws to ban children from our shows is less about the imagined sexual dangers of drag shows than about the imagined dangers of failing to instill fear and shame about queerness in children from an early age,” said Change. Dress Queen Sasha Velor Write inside postal.

“There’s certainly no danger in cross-dressing,” Velor wrote. “The critics who cry do it because they don’t understand cross-dressing.”

For Velour, critics are simply “re-spreading deeply homophobic stereotypes about ‘grooming’ in defense of their movement against queer and transgender beings.”

But women’s rights activist Natasha Chater told Breitbart News that’s more than Velor might believe.

“The premise of queer theory is that there are no boundaries and no definitions of what should be tolerated, and that anything in the majority is absolutely oppressive,” she said. “The LGB movement is basically hijacked at this point, you know, heterosexuals who want to be funny and pretty much all the described kinks.”

“These kids are basically growing up with serious porn that they don’t know — normalizing,” she continued. “They turned these kids into commandos with very antisocial behavior.”

Velor said, “The demonization of queerness and our culture will never really make us disappear.”

new narrative postal What others on the left have been trying to push is a conservative who says the real drag show for children is.

Velor is no exception, saying: “It shows that conservatives have put the emphasis on children, which has dragged down the debate. Crossdressing is as much a form of entertainment as any other.”

“We edit our shows to be very clean for a family-friendly audience,” Velor insists, though, TikTok library Plenty of evidence to the contrary has been published.

“A child who sees the queen and the king in costumes on stage, acting ridiculous and real in front of society at large, is bound to develop empathy and tolerance,” Velor continued.

However, Chater told Breitbart News, “They’re showing sex clowning to kids, and I don’t know why anyone thinks it’s a positive role model for any kid.”

“Really, you know, it’s considered a symbol of femininity,” Chart continued, “so girls look at this and think, ‘Oh my God, this is when I’m supposed to be when I grow up?

“There are videos showing them posing sexy, wiggling, flashing, collecting dollar bills, and encouraging kids to engage in that behavior and taking money from the audience for adult performances,” she said. “Kids today have to say they’re bisexual – they invented a sexual orientation because they don’t want to hook up casually.”

While Velor insisted earlier in the article that “grooming” is a “homophobic stereotype,” Velor later wrote, “Part of the history of cross-dressing is that we always find ways to change the world around us to make room for our lives. out of space.”

“Just get to know us,” Velor continued. “Let your children get to know us; the next generation should be introduced to the world in the most complete and honest way possible, so they can figure out exactly where they fit — and celebrate where others fit.”

Bracken F.Tees is a reporter for Breitbart News.You can follow him on twitter @BreccanFThies.

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