Cooperation with Taliban in Afghanistan ‘Terrorists are running like crazy’ – Biden messes up withdrawal

In the “Overtime” segment of “Live” on Friday, host Bill Maher said “terrorists are rampant” in Afghanistan. The Taliban are fully back in power and they have turned their backs on everything,” and while he thinks President Joe Biden made the right decision to leave Afghanistan, “they have time to plan, and when they finally succeed, like they thought only two days ago. “

Maher said:[T]His terrorists are running wild. The Taliban are fully back in power and they have gone against everything they ever said they would do. Women re-emerged as third-class citizens, they brought terrorists back into… Kabul city center. “

He added that while the U.S. succeeded in taking out former al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri, “they brought him back. The Taliban are not good partners, not honest negotiating partners.” So, listen, I’m totally Yes – I think Biden is right to withdraw from Afghanistan. …it was a tough decision. Did he stick to the landing? Do not. It’s so disappointing why important things can’t be done with greater efficiency. …they have time to plan it, and when they finally get it done, like they only thought of it two days ago.

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