Democrat Tom Malinowski blasts voters over ‘crazy cultural nonsense’ taught in schools

Democratic Rep. Tom Malinowski (D-NJ) stands by his false claim that parents’ concerns about public school education are “crazy cultural crap,” telling his constituents, “I’m not going to support these attempts. Bring our schools down to the level of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Florida.”

The New Jersey Democrat misled his voters at a conference in Scottish Plains, N.J. last month, telling them Florida bans certain math textbooks “because there is only one math book and few biographies of African-American mathematicians.”

“I guess it’s CRT now,” he said. “You can’t find a real CRT, so you have to find something black in there. That must be a CRT.”


“So it allows this crazy cultural nonsense, right?” he said. “How we implement it, what it means when you’re actually talking to people, doesn’t sound that great.”

“Even if you’re one of those biased people who want to persecute LGBT people,” he continued. “In practice, it’s the crazy thing, and then that brings you back to whether we can teach our kids what they need to be successful in life, stop persecuting our teachers, stop throwing all this culture war crap Imposing on them and supporting our schools as we did in New Jersey?”

The Garden State Democrat continued to criticize his Republican opponent for calling for children in New Jersey to have access to pornographic material.

“If you look at Tom Kean Jr., if someone is on Twitter, he gets his pinned tweet — something he wants everyone to see first. Here’s a video of him on Fox News, where he Not once, but twice, elementary teachers in his hometown of Westfield, N.J., are preparing to teach second graders pornography,” Malinowski said.

Keane was just one of many Republican challengers who would later become the Republican nominee to go head-to-head with Malinowski in the November election.

Keane criticize His state’s new curriculum standards say, “In any school district, it would be wrong to include gender identity and sexuality education and exposure to pornography on issues as young as second grade.”

Malinowski then tweeted in late April his concerns about the education debate and Keane’s criticism.

However, as Breitbart News reports, two of the books that parents care about most are literary and more explicit depictions of painting, pornography and pedophilia.

those books, lawn boy by Jonathan Evison and Gender Queer: A Memoir Written by Maia Kobabe, parents who have questions about the graphic depictions of sexuality in these two books, especially those between adult men and children, have faced intense scrutiny.

“So you know the defense is going to be, ‘Oh no, that’s not true, this is actually sex education,'” Malinowski said. “But the offense is, ‘When the hell are you going to expose that lie? Why are you lying to hard working elementary school teachers who now have people yelling at them because a politician went on TV and lied?

“I mean, if you’re a parent of a sophomore and a leader in your community says they’re teaching porn to your sophomore, you might be a little concerned, right? I would worried,” he continued. “But if I heard that guy was lying to me, I would be pissed. Yeah, so turn your anger to politicians who lied for the votes and tried to degrade the quality of New Jersey’s public schools.”


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New Jersey’s New Education Standards panic parents, despite Malinowski’s claims.

In fact, sophomores are taught at least radical concepts about gender, as one of the state’s sample lesson plans puts it, “Even if you have body parts that some people might tell you, you might feel like a boy. . is the ‘girl’ part.”

“Gender identity is the feeling of knowing your gender. You may feel like a boy, you may feel like a girl,” the lesson plan reads. “Even if you have body parts that someone might say you’re a ‘girl’ part, you might feel like a boy.”

“You may feel like a girl, even though your body parts may be told you are ‘boy’ parts,” it continued. “And you may not feel like a boy or a girl, but you are both. No matter what you think, you are completely normal!”

This isn’t the first time Malinowski has called parental concerns “cultural bullshit.”

As Breitbart News exclusively reported, the embattled Democrat delivered an anti-parent tirade, calling parental concerns “fabricated cultural nonsense” created by a “fringe movement.” After Breitbart News reported on his tirade, the New Jersey Democrat canceled an education forum he was supposed to hold with parents and students.

Malinowski represents a vulnerable region. Groups aligned with House Republicans, such as the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), have hunted down the congressman in the past and named his seat one of the top targets in the midterm elections.

After struggling to win back the House of Representatives in 2020, Republicans left the Democratic Party with the narrowest majority in modern history and gave themselves the upper hand in the midterm elections.

For Republicans, winning a majority would only require a net gain of five seats in November, with most of the House and Senate up in the air. Losing either could mean a bigger challenge for Democrats and President Joe Biden to pass agenda items before the next presidential election.

Republicans are currently expected to win a 12-35-seat majority in the House. Republicans want Malinowski to be one of them.

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