Fans believe Lionel Messi ‘means’ his stunning assist against Neymar in Paris Saint-Germain opener

Messi wasted no time influencing the game, setting up Neymar unbelievably in the ninth minute of Saturday’s game.

Pablo Sarabia passed the ball to Messi, who deftly bounced the ball behind him with his weaker right foot.

He appeared to pass the ball to his Brazilian teammate, who hit the ball home with a low drive.

Did Messi intentionally pass the ball to Neymar? Well, netizens think so.

“Touching – he did it on purpose, didn’t he? It’s absolutely unbelievable, you can tell from the way he looked back that it was on purpose,” one tweet said.

Another wrote: “This is what Messi meant, no one told me otherwise.”

A third added: “What an assist.”

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