Floods trap 1,000 people in Death Valley National Park

  • Death Valley experienced unprecedented rainfall, leading to flooding Friday.
  • Floods left 1,000 people stranded in the park.
  • At least 60 parked cars were pushed together due to the flood.

About 1,000 people were trapped in Death Valley National Park after it was closed due to unprecedented rainfall.

National Park Service About 500 tourists and 500 staff were reportedly unable to leave the park on Friday. Many facilities, including hotels, were flooded, according to the agency. At the hotel in Death Valley, California, 60 cars were buried under debris several feet deep.

According to NPS, the park received 1.46 inches of rain, nearly smashing the current record of 1.47 inches.

“All roads in and out of the park are currently closed and will remain closed until park staff can assess the extent of the situation,” NPS said.

In addition, the NPS said the floodwaters forced dumpsters into the cars and the cars collided with each other. There have been no reports of injuries, but no further details about the 1,000 people stranded in the park.

CNN Some guests left despite Friday’s flooding and road closures, the report said. Abby Wines, the park’s public affairs officer, told CNN that “no one is going to stop” visitors from leaving if they want to.

Roads remain closed Saturday afternoon, according to the latest news Nuclear Power Source website. The rain has stopped, but more rain is expected later this week. High temperatures in the park this week exceeded 100 degrees.

Caltrans Route 190 remains closed and drivers should not try to “pass any closures into the park,” the warning said. The agency said the cleanup was underway and progress updates would be posted on its social media site.

“Many roads throughout the park were severely damaged by the storm, making it unsafe to drive,” the agency said.

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