Kevin Durant trade rumors: Pessimistic deal closes soon, team won’t help facilitate transfer, according to report

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We’ve been more than a month away from the Kevin Durant trade lottery, and so far we’re not even close to a deal. While negotiations are certainly ongoing, it doesn’t look like we’re going to have a deal anytime soon. According to Ian Begleythere is “a lot of pessimism” surrounding a Durant trade being completed in the near future.

While the Brooklyn Nets have so far failed to make an offer worthy of Durant, Begley also noted that they have struggled to find a third or fourth team to broker such a deal. Throughout the process, the Nets have been hopeful that Durant will eventually withdraw his trade request, but as of now, there is no evidence he has done so.

With less than two months to go before training camp begins, the Nets have plenty of time to find a better trade offer or make enough changes in the environment around the league for a new buyer to become motivated. But right now, the Nets and Durant appear to be in some kind of control mode.The last major development on this front was news from the Boston Celtics Deal-centric transactions are discussed Around the Nets’ Jaylen Brown, but these conversations are apparently weeks ago.

In even better news for the Nets, Begley reported that Kyrie Irving has a “great” relationship with the Nets following contentious contract talks earlier in the offseason. Many insiders are reporting that Irving wants to play for the Los Angeles Lakers and with one year left on his max contract, Irving may decide to sign there next season. For now, however, Irving remains with the Nets. That could easily change if Durant is traded.

But the longer this drags on, the more likely Durant and Irving will at least start training camp with the Nets. Maybe there will be a deal by then. Maybe something will come true by the deadline. But the team has yet to offer an offer that the Nets think is worthwhile.

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