New demo trailer shows off a new generation of sweetness

All in all, FIFA 23’s new demo enhancements look great. Since the release of the new generation of consoles, we’ve been waiting to see a giant leap in visuals for the most popular sports game franchise.

There’s a lot of focus on the matchday experience in this trailer:

We won’t see that contrast when games move from PS3 and Xbox One to PS4 and Xbox One X. This leap is unlike anything we’ve seen in console games. The NBA 2K14 trailer itself may have sold several million consoles.

The FIFA 23 trailer isn’t quite as breathtaking as that gem in 2K’s Momentous, but in the right light, it’s a considerable amount of flexibility for the new generation of consoles and EA’s football franchise.

Grass degradation, specific commentary additions, customizable signal target sound effects and cyber physics stand out immediately. We heard executive producer Fab Muoio mention that the team “harnessed the power of the new hardware.” Many other sports video games seem to be more timid about talking about differences from new-generation versions of their games.

Maybe that’s because much of the series’ fanbase is still playing the older generation. Regardless, progressive sports gamers should be excited about game elements on the new console that show modest to huge visual improvements.

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