Senate Democrats confident in GOP attempt to kill climate and inflation deal

Democrats in the U.S. Senate were confident on Saturday as major parts of Joe Biden’s legislative agenda finally looked set to pass the upper chamber.

The caucus gathers for a marathon weekend meeting that starts Saturday afternoon and runs until 9 a.m. Sunday. Republicans have prepared a series of poison pill amendments to the Inflation Reduction Act aimed at stifling Democratic consensus on the bill, in what has been described as a second attempt to push through parts of the Build Back Better Act signed by Biden.

Even before the vote began, a handful of Democrats tweeted statements planning a united front. Many have vowed to veto any amendment to the package, even those proposed by their own Democratic colleagues.

In interviews with more than half a dozen Senate Democrats, independent It has been confirmed that others are working on the same plan. Only a handful said they would submit amendments to the bill themselves, not even sure if they would be in the field to vote on them.

“My feeling is that the people I talked to just wanted to deal with it and be able to go home,” Sen Dianne Feinstein noted. “I don’t expect any problems [getting the legislation passed]. “

“I don’t think there will be any amendments in the final package until we vote,” Sen. Alex Padilla, a Democrat from California, said at a gathering with reporters.

When asked how opposed his caucus was to the package of amendments, Senator Bob Menendez offered only “we’ll see” while noting that he personally would not vote for any amendments.

Some of these changes could be proposed by Senator Bernie Sanders, he confirmed independent On Saturday, he will call for a vote on provisions in the bill that block the distribution of fossil fuels and allow Medicare to negotiate insulin prices.

Meanwhile, Republican senators including Alaska’s Lisa Murkowski — a key swing vote often negotiating in the aisle — told reporters they would also introduce their own amendments. No one believed they would see any passing.

However, that won’t stop them from trying to sink it for hours. Virginia Senator Mark Warner quipped that there is a “bipartisan consensus” that the Senate won’t get much done in the next 12 hours or so.

While many of the priorities Democrats, including Joe Biden wanted to see in the original Build Back Better Act, didn’t make it into the IRA, the new legislation is still what’s done in any U.S. legislation to address climate change The most important investment history. It also plans to reduce U.S. carbon emissions by 40 percent by the end of the century.

The deal, the result of negotiations between Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and centrist Democrat Joe Manchin, is seen as a major victory for their party and an embarrassing defeat for Republicans, who believe they successfully blocked Mr Biden’s agenda last year .

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