Sky Sports ‘ignore Premier League rules’ in Patrick Vieira midfielder interview

Sky Sports ‘ignoring Premier League rules’ in midfield interview Patrick Vieira on a Friday night.

Vieira’s Crystal Palace were beaten 2-0 by his former club Arsenal in their season opener at Selhurst Park.

Gabriel Martinelli put Arsenal ahead on 20 minutes before Marc Guehi’s own goal sealed the victory five minutes later.

But Vieira made history with his first half-time interview in the Premier League as part of a new twist on coverage of the top flight.

After agreeing to a brief interview, the Frenchman answered a few questions and stressed the need for a quick start to the second half.

“I think [we] It was a little disappointing to be down 1-0 at half-time,” he told Sky Sports as the team took to the pitch.

“We did a great job in the first half, so it’s crucial that we start the second half with an equally strong start.”

The proposal was presented in April and was “warmly received” by the club’s media department, who finally voted in favour at the annual general meeting in June.

according to sports, In section K of the Premier League Rules, it states: “For each league game broadcast live by the BBC, the BBC may require either side or the manager (or senior member of the coaching staff) of the participating club to be in the After the break, interviews are available before the league restarts.

“It is at the discretion of the manager whether to provide the requested interview or refuse to do so.”

However, the initial communication was that the person taking part in the midfield interview would be the manager of the winning team, which was not the case with Vieira, as his team fell behind.

Intermittent interviews can attest to the tactical glitches in the first half to fans and their perspective on the big event from the manager’s perspective and their perspective on the big event.

One change that spectators did not like was the new scoreboard for Sky Sports. Instead of each team’s three-letter acronym, there are two crests in the upper left corner of the screen, and it doesn’t work that well.

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