Uniswap [UNI] Thanks to these warning signs, we start to reflect

According to from Dune Analysis. Last week’s logged transaction volume was $8.36 billion, Uniswap Occupy a 70.1% share of the entire DEX market.

At the time of writing, the protocol’s native token, UNI, is trading at $9.04, having seen a massive increase over the last month.According to a new report moodthe 15th coin with the largest market cap has gained more than 140% in price since June 18.

‘UNI’ – Unprecedented price rally

On July 18, UNI changed hands at $3.65. Witnessing growth over the past 48 days, the price of UNI is $9.08 at the time of writing.According to data from Coin market valueduring the bull run in July, the coin grew by more than 65%.

At press time, UNI’s daily transaction volume is 270.79 million, which is a 70% increase since June 18.

During the period under review, the token’s trading volume surged to a high of 637.21 million on June 28, the highest level in three months.

Also, during the same period, the token’s market cap rose from $5.38 billion to $6.76 billion.

Source: Santiment

UNI on the chain

According to the report, daily active addresses on the network grew to a high of over 1,100 addresses per day last month, according to the 30-day moving average. As the price rose to a high of $9.28 on July 28, there were a total of 1966 unique addresses trading UNI.

There has also been an increase in new addresses joining the network last month. On July 19, UNI registered 595 new addresses, a record for the network since May.

Source: Santiment

Additionally, Santiment noted in its report that UNI has seen a surge in whale activity since May. According to the report, over the past two weeks, addresses holding 100,000 to 1 million UNI have intensified the accumulation, causing the token price to maintain an upward trend.

IIn addition, whale trades above $100,000 have also seen a spike, returning to May levels.

Source: Santiment

On the social front, UNI’s social dominance reached a high of 2.08% on July 12.

This is the highest value the coin has seen in the last year.

At press time, the metric stood at 0.589%.

After reaching a high of 1466 on May 15, the development activity of the coin has spiraled downward. At press time, the number was 121.

Source: Santiment

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