Carly Cooperman on why Democrats should treat abortion rights as health care, not a ‘choice’

Political backlash against Supreme Court overturning decision Roe v Wade, Voters in Kansas on Tuesday outright rejected a constitutional amendment that would have given state lawmakers the power to ban abortion by 19 percentage points.

The defeat of this referendum sends a clear message to Democrats across the country that the energy surrounding the issue is on their side, and with the right message, the party can successfully circumvent Republican-led in states in the upcoming midterms Elections for efforts to ban abortion at the first level.

Schoen Cooperman Research Poll Immediately After Supreme Court Leaked Overturning Decision roe Articulates how Democrats achieved such a nationwide victory in November: by redefining the fight over abortion rights as a fight to protect women’s access to safe health care, not a fight for life for choice.

To be sure, the Democratic message around abortion has evolved considerably over the past few decades. In 1992, Bill Clinton created “Safe, Legal, Rare,” which at the time allowed the party to expand its pro-choice tent to attract Americans who supported women’s access to abortion care, but remained morally opposed to the process.

A pro-choice march in Washington, D.C., in May 1992, showing strong support for presidential candidate Bill Clinton.

Alfred Gerscheit

However, Hillary Clinton’s use of the word “rare” in her 2008 campaign trigger rebound Opinion from left-wing abortion rights supporters who say it is “rare” to stigmatize abortion and ignore the movement’s true purpose: female empowerment.

So, from 2008 to the present, Democrats moved away from using “rare,” and instead viewed abortion as a matter of protecting women’s right to choose at all costs, no matter the circumstances.

However, the standard “choice” formulation ignores key nuances of public opinion on abortion — namely, that the attitudes of voters across the country are not absolutist and are more complex than hypothetically simple pro-choice or pro-life positions.

According to our poll, a majority of Americans (55%) support abortion as a legal right, with some limitations. Only 11% believe abortion should be legal at all stages of pregnancy, while only 20% believe it should be illegal at all times.

That nuance is one of the main reasons Republicans have been so successful at narrowing access to abortions permitted at the state level, and has branded Democrats’ positions on the issue as extreme. Now more than ever, Democrats need a message that appeals to the broadest possible coalition of voters — and our data suggests that’s from a health and safety standpoint.

In fact, there is broad majority support for the legality of abortion when a woman’s health is at stake. Our poll found that more than four-fifths of voters (82%) support abortion as a legal right to some extent when “the physical health of the mother is at risk”, while only 9% believe that in any should be illegal at all times.

Likewise, a Gallup Poll A study conducted this spring found that only 11 percent of Americans believe abortion should be illegal if the pregnancy threatens a woman’s life or health, while at least 87 percent believe it is legal in such circumstances, including Three-quarters (73%) believe it should be legal to make it clear that it should be legal, with 14% saying it depends on unique circumstances.

By contrast, when the situation involves a woman’s choice—that is, “when a woman does not want to have a child for any reason”—only 62 percent of voters support abortion as a legal right, while three in 10 voters ( 29%) said abortion should always be illegal in this situation.

The power of the health-focused abortion argument is further evidenced by the fact that nearly two-thirds of voters were forced to support protecting abortion rights, as they believe abortion is essential to ensuring women’s access to quality health care (65%) and as a Safe medical procedures, which should only be performed after careful consultation between the woman and her doctor (63%).

By contrast, voters found pro-choice messages centered on choice and autonomy and economic security less compelling.

Seeing access to abortion as an issue for protecting women’s health also effectively counters the main right-wing opposition to fertility — as voters are almost as likely to think ensuring quality health care for women (58%) is more important than protecting the unborn twice its lifespan (30%).

Likewise, according to a survey KKF poll Before roe After being overturned, voters were four times more likely (79%) to believe that abortion decisions should be made by women in consultation with their doctors, rather than by lawmakers to decide when and under what circumstances an abortion can be performed (20%).

To that end, while our poll did find that voters support contemporary descriptions of abortion as “safe, legal and accessible” (46%) rather than the Clinton-era “safe, legal and rare” (29%), voters Accepting the concept of abortion is rare as it should be a procedure that should only be performed after careful medical consultation.

By redefining abortion rights as a matter of protecting women’s health and safety, Democrats will be better able to uphold abortion rights at the state level in November — and more importantly, hopefully build a durable majority coalition in favor of legalization late optionroe world.

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