Donald Trump vows to ‘keep men out of women’s sports’, puts Lia Thomas critic on stage in CPAC speech

Donald Trump attacked LGTBQ+ people in a speech at the Conservative Party Political Action Conference on Saturday, claiming that “left-wing lunatics” are encouraging drag shows in schools and unfair competition between female and trans female athletes.

“School prayers are banned, but drag shows can permeate the whole place,” Mr Trump complained.

“You can’t teach the Bible, but you can teach kids that America is evil and that men can get pregnant,” he continued.

The president also briefly welcomed former University of Kentucky swimmer Riley Gaines, who has been critical of Penn swimmer Lia Thomas, who competes in the women’s division, as transgender.

“We’re going to keep men out of women’s sports,” Trump said in his speech, in which he sexist transgender athletes like Ms. Thomas.

On stage, Ms Gaines claimed “it takes a brain, common sense and a fifth-grade level of understanding of biology to realise it’s blatantly unfair.”

The swimmer previously said she felt “extremely uncomfortable” competing and sharing facilities with Ms Thomas, equates it with sexual assault In an interview with The Christian Post in July.

Mr Trump has cycled his attacks on LGTBQ+ people into a larger critique of what he sees as a left-wing takeover of education policy, which also includes critical race theory, an academic that is almost never taught in public schools below college concept.

Still, Mr Trump said, “if the federal bureaucracy is going to push this kind of activism, we should abolish the Department of Education,” to loud applause.

Elsewhere, Mr Trump’s CPAC remarks in Dallas tore apart Democrats such as Senators Joe Manchin and Kersten Sinema.

“I’m going all out against him,” Trump said of Mr. Manchin, which drew one of his biggest applause of the night.

The former president also claimed that Manchin, who won’t be re-elected until 2025, has promised not to vote against him in the impeachment process.

“I would never vote against you, you are a great president,” Trump recalled the senator saying.

Mr. Manchin voted against Mr. Trump during both impeachments.

independent Mr Manchin has been contacted for comment.

Trump also went after another moderate, Kyrsten Sinema, who was seen as a potential obstacle to Democrats’ social spending plans. In his speech, he hinted that he might also attack her in her hometown.

“What happened to Manchin and Sinema?” Mr Trump said. “What happened? We’re trying to figure out what happened. Where did this new philosophy come out of nowhere?”

independent Contact the Arizona Senator for comment.

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