Nebraska starts QB job on Casey Thompson’s ‘failure’

This Nebraska Corn Husks There are some new faces in the quarterback room, but Kathy Thompson Starting 2022 with the upper hand at center college football season.

Nebraska head coach Scott Frost said the team’s starting quarterback position was Thompson’s “lost job,” detailing the positives in the veteran’s game, report.

“I don’t know if he broke up on his own. He just played really well,” Frost said. “The other guys played well too. He’s obviously our most experienced guy. I hope he continues to get better. I want all of them to continue to get better. We have very good players around us, whoever it is. Go be a quarterback.

“But seeing a lot of consistency, you can tell he’s experienced because he does some things that young quarterbacks don’t do. He feels really good in the pocket and has a really good commanding presence.”

Thompson moved to Nebraska after three seasons in Texas, where he will serve as the main starter in 2021. Meanwhile, quarterback Chubba Purdy moved to Nebraska after two big seasons in Florida, where he got scattered minutes.

Thompson completed 2,113 passing yards, 24 passing touchdowns, nine interceptions and a 154.7 quarterback rating in 2021 on 63.2 percent of his passes. He also recorded 157 rushing yards and four rushing touchdowns.

Since offseason thumb surgery, Frost has seen more “zipper” on Thompson’s passing.

“I gotta tell you, he’s really improved since the spring, and I think that has something to do with it,” Frost said of Thompson’s surgery. “We’ve got a lot of quarterbacks playing really well right now, but I’m very happy with what I’ve seen from Casey and we’ll keep him working. I just think he’s more confident, more than anything. …but frankly, maybe a little bit more pulling force on the ball and a little bit better grip on the football.”

Adrian Martinez was Nebraska’s primary quarterback for the 2018-21 season. After the 2021 season, he moved to Kansas State University. The Cornhuskers finished the regular season 3-9 (1-8 in the Big Ten), with eight of their nine losses being single.

Nebraska will kick off the 2022 season against Northwestern on August 27 in Dublin, Ireland.

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