Republican Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin faces tough re-election

Midterm elections: Wisconsin Republican Sen. Ron Johnson faces tough re-election

The U.S. Senate race in Wisconsin is one of the most closely watched midterm elections to decide which party controls the upper chamber of Congress. The Badger State primaries are one in five held on Tuesday.

  • There are three main reasons why Wisconsin voters view Senator Ron Johnson unfavorably.
  • Senator Ron Johnson said he would only serve two terms. In January, he ran for a third term.
  • Sen. Ron Johnson has been falling in previous polls, but this time he didn’t bounce back.

Washington – Doris Brown is Types of Wisconsin Voters You Can Give to Incumbent Republicans Senator Ron Johnson is in trouble this year.

The 48-year-old Kenosha High School social studies teacher is an independent who typically leans Republican.

But not this time.

“Republicans have shown their attitude toward abortion,” Brown said.

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