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On Sunday, Senate Republicans rejected a proposal to limit the cost of out-of-pocket insulin for non-Medicare patients.

The price of century-old medicine has three times For more than two decades, diabetics have been forced to spend thousands of dollars on this life-saving drug.

Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-Ga.) is proposing a $35 cap on monthly out-of-pocket insulin costs as part of a sweeping Democratic health care and climate package that the Senate is about to pass. But during a marathon weekend of back-to-back votes on legislation, Republicans lifted the cap on private insurance for patients. The Senate member, a nonpartisan adviser, ruled that the non-Medicare portion of the proposed cap does not meet settlement rules, a tactic Democrats have adopted to pass legislation and avoid Republican obstruction.

Part of the legislation limiting the cost of insulin for Medicare patients was left untouched in part of the Democratic victory.more than 7 million Americans rely on insulin to manage their diabetes, including more than 3 million health insurance beneficiaries.The monthly insulin copay is capped In 20 states, including 9 states with caps of $35 or less.

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