Ideas To Get Open House Leads That Actually Worked

open sign of Ideas To Get Open House Leads That Actually Worked

It’s debatable whether an open house was ever intended to sell a home or to serve solely as a real estate lead generation technique for you and your brokerage. These events require so much time and effort that you should treat them as if they are both. However, this does not simply mean that you will pursue two opposing strategies. All of the best open house lead generation ideas also help buyers get excited about your open house full list. You’re getting the best of both worlds by courting seller leads at your open house with these ideas to get open house leads that actually worked.

client holding the key of their dream house which led by Open House Leads

Advertise Your Brand for

Remember that the open house isn’t just a chance to sell the house; it’s also a chance to sell yourself. Make the most of this opportunity by promoting your personal brand. Commercial loan truerate services

An agent can use a variety of creative real estate marketing ideas to brand an open house. Make certain that you are not reinventing the wheel. Save time and money by using PhotoADKing’s open house flyer templates that are built for real estate agents.

Marketing Campaign Open House Leads

Treating an open house like a multi-day marketing campaign is one way to get things started. Planning a three-day countdown will encourage more people to attend and increase your chances of finding either a buyer for the home or your next seller lead. However, with Spectrum premier TV service, I never faced any such issues. In any case, before you start working on a marketing campaign

So, what will be included in your marketing effort? Try a blog post or video that goes into detail about the history, benefits, and neighborhood of this home. Use this content as a starting point for campaigns on your email and social channels. Have a call day and talk to your network agents, cold leads, and neighbors. Invite everyone to come by, look at the listing, and talk.

Know Your Neighbors To Get More Leads

Neighbors are an essential component of any open house. There will always be a few nosy neighbors, but you want the more reserved neighbors to take notice as well. To spread the word, use cold calling, ringless voicemail, and door hangers. One of the best open house ideas is to hold a preview for neighbors only.

When neighbors do show up, they get to meet you and see how much interest you were able to generate for the seller’s clients, as well as how well the home was presented. Meanwhile, you get to meet new potential clients, learn more about the area, and make referrals.

Demonstrate Your Real Estate Expertise

An open house is about more than just the listing. A great open house, like all great marketing, is all about “show, don’t tell.” Demonstrate your real estate expertise by truly rolling out the red carpet.

While you mingle and talk to everyone, assign an assistant or junior agent to greet everyone at the door. Offer goodies, handouts, booties, masks, and anything else you can think of to make open house attendees feel appreciated. Your attention to detail throughout the experience distinguishes you as a professional.

Professional Sign-In Sheet: Higher Leads

An open house sign-in sheet is the primary opportunity for an in-person real estate lead to provide you with their contact information, so make it a good one.

To different agents, a good sign-in sheet may mean different things. Basic contact information, including their current address, is required. It is also common to ask qualifying questions and receive feedback on the open house. The goal is to end up with a list of qualified leads that you can nurture.

Signing In a Must-Do

The warmest leads will gladly fill out your sign-in sheet and answer all of your questions. Others, on the other hand, may disregard your sheet if they can’t find it or if it appears unimportant. Don’t let this open house lead generation opportunity pass you by.

Put your sheet somewhere visible and ask everyone to sign in. When you show them how most people are willing to do what is asked of them,

Collab With Co-Agent

Real estate has a lot of competition, but that doesn’t mean agents can’t help each other. Ideas for open houses that involve collaboration and coordination with others can bring in money that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Try coordinating open house schedules with other listing agents in the same neighborhood. If someone has a listing in your zip code but lives on the other side of town, offer to hold their listing open for them in exchange for a cut of any seller leads you to generate. Remember to market your own listings to your own agent network as well.

Distinguish Yourself With Other Agent

Even if you collaborate with other listing and buying agents, you must distinguish yourself. Another characteristic that distinguishes you as a key professional is the way you differentiate your listings.

Always consider what else is available on the local market in the same niche and price range. When talking to guests during the open house and in your handout materials, be able to draw attention to at least three features of your listing that the comps do not have.

Live During the Open House

Social media is extremely important for real estate marketing these days, so incorporating it into your open house is a must. Live streaming on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is becoming increasingly popular, and most tech-savvy agents can do it.

Prepare ahead of time by announcing that you will be speaking and providing a live tour during your open house. Introduce yourself, give the tour, and answer any questions about your home that come up in the feed. You can share the video again later to increase engagement.

Show Your Open House 

Agents spend a lot of time in empty houses, but one of the best open house lead generation ideas is to show people around a house.

Everyone, it turns out, wants what everyone else wants. Buyers prefer a home that is crowded with other potential buyers, and sellers prefer an agent who can draw a crowd. Take photos and videos of the open house as guests mingle and tour.

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