The Benefits of Installing a Swing Handle Lock

Swing Handle Lock

Swing Handle Locks are very common in both residential and commercial properties, but there are many homeowners who don’t understand the benefits of installing one. Whether you’re planning on updating your property’s look or creating extra security features, adding this Lock to your door will help you with all of that. Here are just a few of the benefits it offers.

Is it secure?

Security is not the only advantage to installing this type of lock on your door. Because it utilizes two handles, there is increased leverage which provides more security and safety. It can withstand greater forces to the point that it won’t get pulled off by an intruder using force. If a person needs to be rescued after being trapped inside their home, you will be able to break the glass with ease in order to help them out. You’ll have the ability to unlock it quickly without even unlocking both locks simultaneously if someone has locked themselves in their own bathroom and is just trying to reach for something. This swing handle locks also come with a handy emergency release for when you need access into your home but are having trouble turning the lock knob because of injury or other reasons. google suggest primelis

Perfect for safety and protection

While many people use the rear door for loading and unloading groceries, taking in deliveries, or retrieving bulky items that don’t fit in other doorways, it’s not always possible to do so safely. The heavy containers of laundry detergent, the gallon containers of milk or bottled water can make it difficult to open and close the door. Many times you may have to leave your vehicle running in order to be able to get out if you have packages or luggage with you. And with thieves being on the lookout for unattended vehicles waiting outside homes, this is an added security measure. Instead of carrying heavy loads from one end of the house to another, homeowners should consider installing a swing handle lock. It’s an easy way to keep anyone who doesn’t live there from entering the home without permission while providing homeowners peace-of-mind knowing they’re safeguarding their valuables inside their home.

How it works, visually explained

A swing handle lock allows the user to use one hand to pull the handle and use the other hand to open the door. A lever is used for unlocking which comes out sideways when unlocked. The key turns around in order to unlock the latch. The benefits of this system are that it provides increased safety by eliminating pushing or pulling a door into traffic, people or objects on either side of it, and it also prevents injuries from twisting your back as you need only push inwards on the door rather than pull with both hands. It can also be used by individuals with disabilities who may have difficulty using their arms due to mobility issues or using both hands for other tasks such as carrying groceries.

Easy installation

Installing this lock only takes about 30 minutes and all you need is your own screwdriver. And while the installation process is not difficult, it is something that you should spend some time thinking about before doing it because there are several components that you need to assemble in order to be able to finish the installation process. However, it is much easier than installing traditional locks which usually require drilling holes into the door frame. The swing handle lock also features an emergency keyhole which makes it easy for first responders to enter in case of emergencies such as fires or burglaries.

Uses minimal space

Installing a swing handle lock can make your garage more functional, by allowing you to park the vehicle closer to the opening. With traditional handle type locks you have to hold down the handle while turning it or open them from one side. A swinging lock makes it possible to open them in any direction with just one hand, making it easier when carrying heavy loads. Order Valium Online

Safe and secure access control with entry control and Wiegand 26 bit protocols

Swing handle locks are an accessible, cost-effective and secure way to provide door access control and entry into your facility. All Swing handles come with standard features such as hardened steel strap hinges, pins, shafts and bushing. Wiegand 26 bit protocols allow you to use a single remote card reader or other access device instead of installing individual readers at each door, which saves time and money while providing increased security by limiting the number of devices that need to be managed. Airfood recipe

Commercial Grade!

Did you know that without our swing handle locks, vandalism and break-ins would increase? When our swing handle locks are installed, thieves can’t get in by using an unlocked door. This is one important reason to install these locks because they help reduce crime and stop people from stealing your valuables. Plus, these locks not only keep your valuables safe, but your family and pets too!

Can be used on all doors but best on exterior doors because they are stronger than interior doors.

If you want to improve the security of your home, adding an exterior door lock will do the trick. Here are some reasons why installing a swing handle lock is worth your while: – The force needed to open this lock is much less than with others. It is easier on your hands and arms when using it because it requires less pressure than traditional locks. – You can control who enters your home by simply choosing whether or not to leave the latch unlocked when you go in and out. They are very durable and provide excellent protection against burglars. And best of all, they’re easy to install! milk jug

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