Manage Your Business with Basecamp Software vs Hubstaff Software

Manage Your Business with Basecamp Software vs Hubstaff Software

Choosing between Basecamp Software and Hubstaff Software is one of the most important decisions you will make when you are looking for an application to help you manage your staff and your projects. Both software programs offer a range of features, but there are a number of key differences to be aware of.

Basecamp Software

Whether you’re a company looking for a time tracking solution or a freelancer looking to keep track of your time, there are plenty of tools to choose from. We’re comparing two popular options: Basecamp and Hubstaff.

Basecamp Software is a web-based project management tool. It helps your team plan, assign, track, and discuss projects. It includes built-in file sharing and messaging capabilities. Its scheduling feature makes it easy to keep track of team members’ to-dos. It also offers a search tool that helps you find conversations. You can even attach files.

Hubstaff, on the other hand, is a robust time tracking software. It’s ideal for businesses with a remote workforce. It offers automatic payroll and invoicing features, and integrates with over 30 other apps. It also includes GPS tracking.

Hubstaff allows you to track time for each client and project, and it provides you with a range of reporting options. You can filter reports by user, activity type, or date. You can also choose to receive notifications about important events. You can set budgets for projects and allocate pay rates to your team members. It also offers automated project check-ins.

Hubstaff has a very user-friendly user interface. In addition, you can set up multiple organizations and organizations can work on projects at the same time.

Hubstaff provides customer support through email, video tutorials, and live chat. It also offers a free plan for one user, and paid plans with 24-hour support.

Basecamp offers a free trial for up to 60 days. You can then upgrade to a Premium plan, which gives you unlimited users, projects, and screenshots. The Basic plan starts at $5 per month.

Hubstaff Software

Whether you are looking for a remote workforce management solution for your business or you are just looking for an effective way to track your time at work, Hubstaff Software is the answer for you. It offers a range of tools to help you track your time, manage your finances, and keep your team organized. It is a software application designed to help small to medium-sized businesses.

Hubstaff Software works with teams of employees located all over the world. You can create a team, set up projects, and bill clients for time spent on your projects. You can also use Hubstaff’s invoice maker software to create invoices that you can send in any format. You can also customize messages to be included on invoices.

Hubstaff also provides a mobile app for both iOS and Android. The app can help you monitor your team’s activity, including keystrokes, mouse movements, and website visits. It also helps you track your employees’ GPS location. You can see your team’s activities and screenshots in real time, and review timesheets.

You can also link your timesheets to your payroll system. Hubstaff also allows you to set budgets for projects. You can set a fixed payment amount for each project and apply time limits to each billed hour. You can also allocate pay rates for different team members. You can also set up a concierge service to help you onboard new employees.

Hubstaff is easy to use and provides a wealth of useful features. It also offers 24-hour technical support and a knowledge base. It also offers a 14-day free trial. During the trial, you can test out the time tracking tool.

Basecamp Software Benefits

Whether you are looking for a project management solution or want to streamline your business process, Basecamp Software is a great option. It has a simple user interface and is affordable.

Basecamp allows you to assign tasks and share files. It also provides the option to keep all your projects in one place. Its message board allows you to post updates and feedback about your project.

Basecamp’s document sharing feature lets you share documents, comments, and attachments with your team. It also provides a complete version history of your files.

Basecamp offers a secure system for protecting your data. Its security features include data encryption, firewalls, surveillance, and data backup. This ensures that your data is secure and that you can retrieve deleted data within 30 days. Basecamp even has an official mobile app for Android and iOS.

Basecamp’s document sharing feature is also great for keeping the entire team on the same page. It allows you to share comments, attachments, and even create documents that are similar to blog posts. It also lets you send notifications to your team.

Basecamp also has an impressive security system that includes daily backups of major systems. It also has an open API that allows for integration with dozens of third party apps. Its interface is well organized for easy interaction.

Basecamp is ideal for managing projects for large teams. It allows you to add clients to existing projects, create customized client access settings, and set custom due dates for your tasks. Its message board is a great way to start new projects. It also provides an overview of the most important project milestones. Its real-time communication features are also impressive.

Hubstaff Software Benefits

Whether you’re looking to track the activities of your entire team, or just your freelancers, Hubstaff Software provides a powerful solution. It makes employee monitoring simple and fun. It allows you to track your workforce, manage tasks and schedules, and invoice clients. It has over 40 integrations to help you increase productivity and manage your business more effectively.

You can track employees’ time, as well as the activities of your team members, through the desktop app and through the Hubstaff Chrome extension. The extension includes a timer that you can use to manually track time. The extension also allows you to monitor employee activity, including web browsing, keystrokes and mouse movements.

You can also see screenshots of the screens of your employees. The screenshots can be blurred to hide sensitive information. The screenshots can be filtered according to certain dates and types of activity. They can be viewed by both managers and employees. You can also set up custom filters to narrow down the reports.

Hubstaff reports can be exported to Excel. You can also choose to print the reports or download them as PDF files.

You can also connect your Hubstaff account with your PayPal account. The app also allows you to customize your timesheets and pay rates. It has a payroll service that can help you bill your clients for the projects you complete. You can also set up custom messages for invoices.

You can also use the Hubstaff app to track employee’s travel time. It also supports geofencing, which automatically starts a timer when an employee arrives at a job site.

Hubstaff offers a 14-day free trial. It has a basic plan that can support teams of three to 250 members. It also has a premium plan that costs $9 a month per user. The premium plan is ideal for businesses that want to implement automation. It also offers a built-in payroll service, and unlimited third-party integrations.


Using a time tracking app to monitor employee attendance can save you valuable resources. The best software allows you to automate time clocks so your employees clock in on time, and clock out when they leave. Plus, it lets you manage multiple types of documents in one place. It’s also a cinch to install and configure. Aside from Windows and Linux, it’s also available for iOS and Android. Plus, it’s free.

Using the best time tracking software can help you achieve your goals of improving your employee’s productivity, efficiency, and overall satisfaction. It can also serve as a management tool by which you can check in on your team members’ progress at any given time. As a bonus, it’s also a way to show your appreciation for your employees’ hard work.

Hubstaff is a software company whose software is made up of several components, all of which play well together. In addition to time tracking, the company also offers a myriad of other tools and services that help you better manage your employees and your business. Some of the more notable features include GPS time trackers, geofence time trackers, and automatic employee time clocks. They also offer an ad-free version of their app. Plus, they’ve also got a stellar customer support team. So, if you’re looking to track time, check out Hubstaff and make your employees happy.

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