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In the current scenario, the need of the hour is to promote as secluded interactions as possible. For that, it matters a lot to have a brilliant management system which is provided in AdvanceMD EMR Telemedicine. It provides a secure way to store and organize the data for doctors by Healthcare Technology Company. One of the reasons why it’s a go-to solution is that it stores and backups data through SQL servers. The reason that AdvanceMD is the best solution is that it’s incorporated with Amazon Web Server. This enables healthcare providers to have a unified workflow and cutting-edge security.

AdvanceMD Telemedicine:

Telemedicine is to provide clinical support virtually with the intent to overcome geographical barriers. Connecting physically distant patients to medical practitioners. With the help of telemedicine healthcare providers can increase their outreach. Telemedicine is a cost-effective method of providing health care as it can cater to a larger audience in a smaller amount of time. It is a feasible solution whilst restraining within the rules of local Information and communication technologies (ICT) and framework.

Telemedicine is integrated with health service delivery strategy to maximize affordability and develop a stable framework for the healthcare industry. Telemedicine atones data for doctors to discuss and prepare for any case virtually with internal and external members of the team. Also beneficial for the environment as it eliminated the use of paper in all endeavors. Patients in critical conditions with concern to mobility can also be well catered to by telemedicine. Medicinal prescriptions also have longevity as there are no chances of misplacements.

The AdvanceMD telemedicine software idea was initially conceived in 1999. The software offers a complete management solution for medical practitioners. The 2019 rebooted version of AdvanceMD software offers Amazon Web Server (AWS) cloud storage. AWS storage provides stability with access to industry-standard Server Message Block (SMB) protocol. AdvanceMD feature of having storage over AWS provides a high paced reliable solution for management.

This gives its users the freedom to choose without compromising their requirements. Enabling the remote facility for healthcare makes lives easier contributing to a better standard of living. In AdvanceMD patients’ history can be formed in the system so that appointments and follow-ups are managed with great finesse. The combination of AdvanceMD telemedicine with AWS provides an extraordinary and smooth opportunity to first-hand and secondary users.

This combination provides automatic backup and simplifies procedures for its highly automated deliverance. The high standard of hosting provided by AdvanceMD software is not matched by any other company. AWS cloud storage improves affordability as it allows its users to lower the rate of subscriptions. Cloud storage also makes it easier to operate on devices of all categories (mobiles, tablets, laptops).

AdvanceMD Billing:

The billing solution by AdvanceMD has a centralized claims management that covers the end-to-end process. Starting from claims management as they are incurred to the point where claims reimbursements are completed. AdvanceMD billing has a cohesive internal clearinghouse to speed up the claims process. The payment solution provided by AdvanceMD results in a decreased number of days in recovery.

The billing solution is formulated so that it can cater to the needs of its user. Additionally, features given for add-ons in the system make it exclusive from all other software. AdvanceMD billing can improve the rate of reimbursements, enhance revenue, maintain the financials of the health care practitioner all at the same time.

AdvanceMD billing automates the workflow of the medical staff from booking to payments. Through this software, the medical staff upon booking appointments for the patients can track the eligibility of their insurances. Reminders can be sent automatically to patients for the appointments to minimize cancellations.

Prescriptions by doctors uploaded in the EHR are also available for staff use so that they can implement the particular fees for the treatments recommended. Also making it easy to communicate between the staff. AdvanceMD billing uses features such as claim scrubbing to enable billers to speed up their claims.

Reports can be generated for all transactions to give an insight into the revenue cycles. AdvanceMD billing restructures the whole process so that workload of the medical staff can be shifted as more automation comes into play. Manual work is eliminated. Reduces working hours required by the medical staff. 

AdvanceMD Cost:

AdvanceMD pricing has two different models. A cultured way also provided by other EMR is to charge each medical practitioner on a monthly basis. A new formulated way is to charge medical practitioners for each encounter. This approach is suitable to practitioners who have newly set up or with a low footfall.

Similarly, the Cost plan is divided into different categories as per the medical practitioner’s requirement.

Ø  AdvanceMD Cost for stand-alone medical practice (with no EMR) management software for $429 per month.

Ø  AdvanceMD Cost for complete management software for $729 per month.

Ø  AdvanceMD Cost per encounter-based system quoted at $2.18 per encounter.

However, the EMR system is not available separately. AdvanceMD software pricing might be chunkier than other EMR software but it is also the most comprehensive software as well as the only one that is provided with an encounter-based charge. Which in fact helps the small or newly formed practitioners to cope with the expenses easily.

The fact that it may be more expensive than other software for medical practitioners is merely for the options that are provided by the software. The long list of add-ons that AdvanceMD provides adds value to the medical practitioner’s work as it takes away many disturbances. One window solution to all the management and billing problems for medical practitioners.

Medical billing support for practice can be added by only paying 4% to 8% above the monthly plan. Which is in itself a feature that allows for many possibilities.

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