The Top 4 Benefits of Custom Window Treatments

If you are thinking about replacing your old window coverings or buying entirely new ones, custom window treatments are the best option out there. Ready-made treatments are usually only available in a few sizes and styles and often fail to match your windows.

Alternatively, with custom window coverings, you can avoid all the fuss of trying to find the perfect size and design you want. Additionally, you can enjoy tons of other benefits.

Here are a few benefits of getting custom window treatments.

Precise Measurements

After buying window treatments from a discount store, you’re stuck with the sizes they have in stock. This leads to undersized coverings that don’t control the suitable amount of sunlight properly.

If you’re opting for the custom window treatment, a professional can come into your home and measure so they can get built to those exact sizes easily.  It is one of the most common reasons why people get custom window coverings.

Professional Window Treatment 

A window treatment specialist will not only help you with getting the right measurements for your window treatment, but they will also work with the aesthetic of your home. They can show you window coverings and shutters that complement your room decor.

The professional can help you answer questions about lighting, insulating, etc. They can give you suggestions and inform you of all your options. There are limitless options available with custom window coverings, and sometimes even cost less than readymade ones.

Better Quality

There’s not a lot of thought that’s put into ready-made window treatments, especially if you’re going for the cheap kind. Professionals use high-quality linings for curtains and drapes. They also have better tools to even out the stitching and avoid frays.

The reason that custom windows treatments cost you more is that you design everything according to your choice and you get a much higher quality of workmanship and material. For instance, store-bought blinds typically break early which leads to you replacing them with new ones. They also lose their ability to deflect UV light out a lot more quickly.

Custom coverings last a lot longer and hold their effectiveness for quite a long time. This means you won’t replace them at least every couple of years and they won’t start looking old or catch on lint as easily. 

More Energy Efficiency 

Almost 30% of a home’s heating energy is lost through the windows. 76% of the sunlight that comes through windows turns into heat during hot days in summer when people run their air conditioners.

Window treatments help you to keep your home at a suitable temperature by installing a heat pump and reducing the risk of losing heat energy. The amount This largely depends on the type of window treatment you have.

Ready-made blinds come in fixed sizes and it makes it difficult for you if you have oddly sized windows. This makes them even less energy efficient, but since custom blinds fit better, they help you increase energy efficiency.

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