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Haier TV

Technology is always evolving and changing. There is no denying that improved technology has made life better, easier, and smarter. Smart TV is a product of technological advancement and a fusion of computers, televisions, and cell phones. Smart TVs provide a variety of internet-connected features that are unavailable from traditional television. Smart TVs are currently the best-selling products in the TV market because of all the advantages they offer. 

There are numerous advantages to owning a Haier Google Android smart TV. It allows you to control your Haier TV with voice commands with its Google-certified Android Operating System 9.0 and Smart AI. You can also use voice commands to control all other smart devices in your house. This feature makes it the hub for all linked smart devices. One of the most crucial elements when choosing a television is its appearance. There are two series of Haier Google Android TVs, the K6600 and U6900. K6600 has a bezel-less sleek design, and U6900 has a classy diamond-cut metal frame.

The HDR feature in the latest Haier TV produces more realistic images. This feature improves contrast, brightness, and colour effect. The Google Play Store is built into the Haier Smart TV. It gives you access to all Google-certified TV applications like Netflix, Hotstar, YouTube, and Amazon Prime, where you can watch incredible content and videos. You can also use these apps to browse the internet, visit websites, play games, and more.

The Haier Smart TV offers a full range of entertainment options. Consider a Haier smart TV if you want to buy a Haier TV online you may always check the voice control option, which is very cool. Simply click the ‘Voice control’ button on the remote and say your instructions to use the built-in Google Assistant voice button on the Bluetooth Remote. The Haier Google Android Smart LED TV will then perform what you have instructed. The TV has Bluetooth and Chromecast built-in, allowing you to connect your gadgets to the Haier smart TV wirelessly.

  1. 65-inch OLED Android Smart LED TV – 
  • You can cast your favourite pictures, videos, songs, and other media from your phone or other mobile devices to your TV with OLED Android TV. 
  • A completely new creative palette is available thanks to Dolby Atmos immersive audio and Dolby Vision HDR technology. These technologies enable you to realise your creative vision and provide a high-end entertainment experience.
  • Motion Estimation and Motion Compensation enhance image quality by lowering motion jitter, ghosting, and tailing. 
  • No need for remote control any longer. Just use voice to browse through more than 500,000 movies and TV series rapidly, receive mood-based suggestions, manage smart home appliances, and much more.
  1. 75-inch 4K Google Android TV Bezel-Less – 
  • A hyper-realistic viewing experience is provided by the Slim Bezel Less design with a screen display, which has a highly exquisite appearance. Enjoy the breathtaking crystal colour with 4K UHD resolution. More realistic images are produced because of the High Dynamic Range’s brilliant colour, enhanced brightness, and superb contrast details.
  • Android 9.0 is Google Certified and is preinstalled on Haier Smart TVs. Utilize Haier smart TV to access the newest smart features and apps. 
  • Colour coverage on wide-gamut television exceeds 90%, but colour coverage on standard-gamut television is only 72%. WCG makes sure that colours are rendered naturally to provide you with a rich viewing experience. 
  • Plan your day, watch content, find content, purchase items, and manage devices all from one location with the help of Google Assistant.
  • Your home ecosystem may revolve around your Haier android TV. Enjoy live TV streaming, the newest apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, as well as a huge selection of games on Google Play Store.
  • The Haier Bluetooth Remote provides a wider working angle compared to conventional IR remotes. The remote has a built-in Google Assistant speech button that makes it simple to control your Haier TV with voice commands. 
  • Control your Android TV using the D-pad or touchpad, voice commands, or a keyboard and keyboard.
  • Use the hotkeys to quickly access and conveniently control additional Netflix and YouTube content on TV.
  • You can easily cast your favourite images, videos, songs, and other content from your mobile device to your TV with Android TV.

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