Here Are Some Christmas Facts You Should Know

Here Are Some Christmas Facts You Should Know

The most celebrated holiday in the world is Christmas. It’s celebrated by millions of Christians and non-Christians on the 25th of every December. How much do you know about your favorite festival? Perhaps very little. We’re here to help you improve your Christmas knowledge. We’ll be sharing some Christmas facts you won’t find anywhere else. Keep watching!

Here Are Some Christmas Facts You Should Know

Christmas History Facts

  1. The birth date of Jesus Christ is 25 December. However, it is not mentioned in the Bible. Historians instead believe that Jesus was born during the spring. Because December 25th coincided with Saturnalia, a pagan festival that celebrated Saturn, the agricultural god, historians chose this date. This explains why Saturnalia and Christmas are so similar. Pagans would also use evergreen branches from their trees during the winter solstice in order to remind themselves that the green plants would grow in the spring when the sun gods are strong.
  2. People didn’t like the fact that Christmas was rooted in pagan festivals and weren’t ready to accept it for a Holiday. From 1659 to 1681, Christmas celebrations were illegal. When people were caught celebrating Christmas, they were punished with a fine.
  3. Christmas comes from Christ’s Mass, the world’s most famous Mass. In the olden days, around 1038, Christmas used to be called Cristesmaesse. This was shorthand for ‘Christian Mass’. The Anglo-Saxons also called Christmas ‘nativity,’ or ‘midwinter.
  4. The Latin term ‘Natalis, which means ‘day of birth’, is the source of the word “Noel” that appears on most Christmas boards and garland.
  5. Some believe that Jesus was born inside a stable. Others say He was born in an underground cave. The gifts given to Mary and Joseph by the three wise men were myrrh (gold), frankincense, and frankincense. This is why we exchange Christmas gifts. Many believe that this tradition is rooted in Saturnalia’s custom of offering rituals and offerings to the Gods.
  6. Edward Johnson invented the Christmas lights, heart and soul in 1882.
  7. The Christmas wreath represents Jesus Christ. The wreaths are decorated with red berries that symbolize Jesus’ blood. The holly is symbolic of the crown of thrones.
  8. Santa Claus is the most commonly associated figure with Christmas. However, there are many other figures, such as Saint Nicholas, Father Christmas and Christkind.

Christmas Tree Facts

  1. Christmas trees are a holiday staple, but how did it come about? Although we can’t prove it, there is a pamphlet that dates back to 1570 that has a Christmas tree image. It can be said that the Christmas tree was invented in the 1500s. Germans were the first to decorate Christmas trees with lights and cookies in their homes.
  2. The first Christmas trees were introduced to America in the 1830s. However, they gained popularity after 1846 when Prince Albert of Germany brought them to England. They were drawn together on their first Christmas, with a Christmas tree as a background. This tradition was a huge success and has not been surpassed.
  3. 60 million Christmas trees are planted in Europe each year.
  4. In 1950, the Washington Mall was home to the largest Christmas tree at 221 feet in height.

Santa Claus And Reindeer Facts:

  1. Santa Claus was actually originally St. Nicholas. He was a Christian bishop from the 4th century who lived in Turkey (now Turkey). St. Nicholas was wealthy and would rather give the money to the poor than spend it. His legend spread throughout the world and St. Nicholas was made the Saint of Children. Santa Claus is known as La Befana (in Italy), Santa Kriss Kringle (in Germany) and Pere Noel (in France).
  2. To celebrate St. Nicholas’ feast on the 6th December, the tradition of Santa Claus handing out gifts started in Holland. The children would take off their shoes one night before the feast to find small gifts from St. Nicholas.
  3. Santa Claus should visit us all on Christmas Eve. But you have to realize that he would need 822 homes per second to reach all of them. That seems impossible.
  4. Did you know that Santa Claus is served milk and cookies? It’s because Dutch children used to leave food and drink for St. Nicholas every year on his feast day. The reason carrots are left for Santa Claus’ reindeer, is because in Norse mythology people would leave treats for Sleipnir (the eight-legged horse Odin), in the hope that God would visit their home during Yule hunting adventures. This tradition was adopted by the children, who modified it slightly to leave treats for St. Nick’s carrier.
  5. In 1804, the New York Historical Society decided that Santa Claus would be seen for the first time. John Pintard, a member of the society, presented his last presentation of jolly old Santa Claus with stockings full of toys.
  6. Santa Claus wore a green-and-white outfit for over 100 years. Coco Cola’s 1930 ad featured the traditional red-and-white outfit. Washington Irving, author of Headless Horseman, created the Santa flying in a sleigh. In early illustrations of Saint Nicholas, it was shown as a symbol for discipline, rather than the happy, overweight and cheerful old man we all know today.
  7. Santa Claus receives millions upon millions of letters each year. They are addressed to Santa Claus in Santa Claus, Indiana.
  8. Rudolf, the favorite red-nosed reindeer of our time, was born in Montgomery Ward, a department shop. This was a marketing trick to get kids to buy coloring books. Rudolf’s first draft did not include a red nose. This was because Rudolf had been diagnosed with chronic alcoholism, and Montgomery Ward people didn’t want Rudolf looking drunk. Rudolf was not the first name. Although the red-nosed reindeer was originally called Rollo or Reginald, it wasn’t the first choice.
  9. “A Visit from St. Nicholas”, a poem that introduced us to the eight other reindeer who initially dropped all their names. Several other reindeer were also included in Santa’s sleigh crew over the years. These include Feckless and Steady as well as Glossy and Glossy.

Christmas Stockings Facts

  1. The Dutch custom of hanging Christmas stockings is to hang them. The Dutch would fill the shoes with food to feed St. Nicholas’ donkeys, and then St. Nicholas would return small gifts. We can also tell you how the tradition of putting Tangerines in stockings began. The 12th century saw the nuns leave socks stuffed with fruit, nuts and tangerines at the doors of poor people. Saint Nicholas had already dropped a bag full of gold from the chimney of a poor woman who couldn’t afford a dowry for her wedding. The stocking was drying by the fireplace when the bag of gold was found. This was how stocking began. The Dutch brought it back after a while.

Christmas Song And Carol Facts

  1. “White Christmas” is the best-selling Christmas song with more than 100 million copies. “Silent Night”, however, is the most popular Christmas song with 733 recordings.
  2. It was widely believed that Silent Night was composed by Father Joseph Mohr of Austria. He wanted to include his music in the Christmas service because his organ had broken. In reality, this song was written by a priest while he was stationed in a pilgrim church in Austria.
  3. According to legend, “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” has an unsettling backstory. James Haven” Gillespie, the writer of this song, was broke, jobless and grieving the loss of his brother. He was initially too overwhelmed by grief to write the song but he eventually found inspiration in Christmas memories he shared with his brother.
  4. Nearly all of the most popular Christmas songs, such as “I’m dreaming about a white Christmas”, and “Chestnuts roasting,” were written by Jews.
  5. Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” is the most loved Christmas song. Tommy Mottla (Marih’s husband at the time) played Santa in this song.
  6. Traditions of singing Christmas carols at the church date back to the 13th century.
  7. James Pierpont wrote Jingle Bells in 1857, but it was originally for Thanksgiving. The original title of the song was “One Horse Open Sleigh”. This is one Christmas fact that you might be surprised at.

We’ve probably provided all the necessary and interesting facts about Christmas. These Christmas facts are sure to have rattled your brain. We’d love to hear from you if you know of other Christmas facts. Please comment below.

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