Driver’s License Test L Shape Technique and Tips

Driver's License Test L Shape Technique and Tips

In Pakistan, more and more people are opting to get a driver’s license.

Before hitting the road, you should probably get your driver’s license.

So that it can protect you from harm when you’re in a sticky circumstance.

Always exercise extreme caution and patience behind the wheel, no matter how experienced you are.

Obtaining a driver’s license is the subject of today’s discussion.

We expect you to do well on your sign language proficiency test if you use our online testing service as a study aid.

Next, you must take a driving exam in Pakistan.

Even the most experienced drivers will be intimidated by the sound of the test’s title, making even a minor slip-up a surefire way to bomb the exam.

The majority of Pakistani authorities use an L-shaped driving test course.

The road is laid out in an L shape so you can drive forward and turn around.

If you follow the instructions below, you should be able to pass the test with flying colors.

Remember that, with the proper permissions, you can take your driving test in an automated vehicle.

We ask just that you continue to remember us in your prayers.

Let’s launch into the details of the Pakistani driver’s license exam right away.

Step 1

·       Preference for a Particular Point in Time

On the scheduled day, make sure to show up bright and early.

Taking the exam first thing in the morning allows you to focus better and gives the test takers a fresh perspective.

·       Examine the Results of Other People’s Tests

The devil himself thrives on haste. Keep an eye on the exam right before it’s administered.

Think about the common blunders people make and the technical aspects they’re missing out on.

·       Always keep the left-side cones in mind.

Keep an eye on the left-hand cones on the circuit as you observe another test, and signal to the drivers that they need to go in reverse (from the last point to starting point).

Which is the left-hand, intermediate, or turning traffic cone? Your future happiness or misery hinges on it now.

Step 2

It is a wise choice if, after doing the above, you are confident in your ability to pass the examination. It is important to remember the following while taking the exam.

·       Beginning

In the name of Allah, the Highest, begin the exam, enter the building and take a seat.

·       The Ability to Alter One’s Seat

You can drive more comfortably if your car seat is adjusted to height.

·       Buckle up

Put your seat belt on securely.

·       Handbrake

Every car that will be stopped must have a handbrake installed. Put it away.

·       The Car Needs a Checkup

Try to beat the clock and see if the parked car will start. The vehicle’s engine should be created if it is turned off.

·       To The Future

To reach the final point, proceed slowly and carefully. After turning, stay as far to the left as possible rather than cutting across at the last moment.

Step 3

Hold your position at the end and get ready to turn around.

On the way back, bringing the vehicle to a complete stop is essential and reversing the car while in this position.

You’ll soon be ready to take and pass Pakistan’s driver’s exam.

·       Readjust the Glasses

Please readjust the rearview mirror and both side mirrors, especially the left one.

Make sure the traffic cone is hitting the ground by adjusting the angle.

·       Key Turning Point

Reverse your vehicle’s path down the left side of the road until you can touch the central cone up ahead. Get the car turned around and point the back tire at the target cone.

How deep should you go before you entirely sever ties?

After making sure the car’s back tire makes it around the traffic cone in the middle without touching it, and after retaining the left side, you can go ahead and straighten out the vehicle.


When the exam is over, put on the handbrake and get out of the automobile.

To clarify, you should use a different technique if your L-shape is heading left from the starting position.

If your track is heading oppositely, you can invert the process.

To pass the driving test in Pakistan, you’ll spend a lot of time practicing this maneuver by lining up on rocks, cones, or the ground in a clear area.

It’s also important to take driving lessons from a teacher with at least three years of experience behind the wheel.

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