Good End 2022: Save more with personal deductions and other tax benefits

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The Tax Administration Service (SAT) can give you a favorable balance in the annual declaration, so do not forget to invoice the purchases that are subject to tax deduction.

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During the Good End 2022 , consumers can not only save money by hunting for the best deals, they can also take the opportunity to buy items that are eligible for tax deduction . This will increase the probability of having a credit balance on your next annual return.

All natural and legal persons have the right to pay the fair amount of taxes and receive the right to tax deductions, when certain requirements are met.

Stores of all kinds participate in the Good End 2022, from the best-known department stores and supermarkets, to more specialized ones, even in specific services.

Consumers will be able to purchase tax relief service items such as eyeglasses, dental services and even insurance premiums. So you can add the deductions to the rebates.

Personal deductions in the Good End

Personal deductions are a benefit that all Mexicans can access, for the consumption of certain services or products. The taxpayer who incurs certain expenses has the right to reduce his cumulative income in the Annual Declaration of the year, with the aim of lowering his tax burden.

Personal deductions only apply to expenses related to health, education, funeral expenses, interest on mortgage loans and donations, among others, the details of which can be seen on the SAT page .

El Buen Fin is organized by the National Association of Self-Service and Department Stores (ANTAD) and some of the specialized establishments are lens stores. This year Ópticas Lux and Óptica Optimax participate, with discounts of up to 50%. To these bargains you can add the tax deduction on the purchase of prescription optical lenses to correct visual effects. The deduction is up to 2,500 pesos.

Deductions may also be made for medical tests, dental care, savings accounts, donations, funeral expenses, and major medical insurance premiums. Here is the complete list of items eligible for deduction. And remember that to deduct you must request the invoice with the correct concept, avoid requesting it for “general expenses”.

To deduct, you must make payments with a debit or credit card or with a personal check, not with cash.

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Deductions for professionals and independent workers

If you are an independent professional, any purchase you make that is essential to carry out your work may be tax deductible. In this case, a cell phone could be deductible from Income Tax as long as it is an essential work tool. But an invoice must be obtained via payroll card, credit card or personal check.

A doctor or dentist can also deduct office furniture and, itself, all items that are considered essential tools for work. A photographer may deduct from the ISR the purchase of a camera, for example.

Some insurance companies will also have discounts on, for example, car insurance. Whose premiums could be tax deductible if the professional or business activity is related to the use of a car.

An employee who is under the payroll regime cannot make this type of deduction. Freelancers only. Since, in theory, the company is obliged to provide all the necessary tools for the performance of work activities and, in this sense, the employer is the one who could deduct taxes.

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