TOP foods to cool down the body for the hot season

Effective body cooling food indispensable fruit

Summer, hot season or any season of the year when you feel hot in your body, fruit is the best and most effective body cooling food. And here are some groups of fruits that have a very effective cooling and refreshing effect.

1. Group of melons

One of the summer fruits that belong to the group of foods that cool down the body, first of all, must be mentioned melons. Watermelons, melons, melons, melons… all have the common characteristic of containing a lot of water, ingredients with many minerals, adding water, adding a fresh taste, can be processed in many different ways, so very Often used to make smoothies and refreshments on hot summer days.

These types of melons are classified as body-cooling foods because, with the main ingredient being water, responsible for providing water to the body, melons also contain a lot of vitamins and minerals to help the body wake up. apples, improve resistance to prevent diseases that are easy to catch in the summer.

At the same time, you will not worry about gaining weight when using these fruits because they provide very few calories, no fat and cholesterol, which is very suitable for those who are losing weight, those who are dieting or those who are trying to lose weight. have cardiovascular diseases. The fiber in melon is also very good for the digestive system. You just need to slice the melons for a snack to help the body cool down.

2. The group of citrus fruits – indispensable body cooling food in the summer

At times when the body feels hot, tired, or when the air is hot and uncomfortable, a glass of fresh orange juice or fresh lemon juice will be the perfect choice to help quench thirst and cool down.

Citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, grapefruits, tangerines … are in the top of the best body-cooling foods, because they have a lot of water, fiber and especially a lot of vitamin C, good for internal metabolism. body.

Eating a lot of these fruits, or drinking juices and smoothies from oranges, lemons, grapefruits… will help prevent dehydration and at the same time improve resistance, good for skin and hair. The body is cooled from the inside, thereby also avoiding the factors that cause acne.

Adding fiber is very good for the digestive system, helping to remove cholesterol, suitable for people on a diet. Eating a lot of citrus fruits also helps lower blood sugar, thereby reducing heat in the body.

The most specific example is oranges, in oranges contain a lot of potassium – this is an essential mineral for the body, preventing dehydration and reducing the risk of cramps, but potassium is easily lost. go through the process of sweating on the body, so eating oranges or drinking orange juice will add to the body a lot of water, a lot of potassium, you will no longer have to worry about being hot.

3. Cool coconut water for hot days

The third type of body cooling food that we want to mention is the coconut with the coconut water used to cool down.

As mentioned above, potassium is an essential mineral of the body, without potassium the body will be dehydrated. Potassium helps keep fluid and electrolyte balance in the body, especially during exercise. Meanwhile, coconut water has 10 times more potassium than most other mineral-fortified sports drinks A 240ml glass of coconut water contains as much potassium as a banana, up to 600 mg of potassium. Potassium has been shown to have a positive effect on blood pressure.

Therefore, when you feel your body is hot and dehydrated, just drinking a glass of coconut water is enough!

In addition, because coconut water is to help cool the body, many women consider drinking coconut water regularly as the secret to taking care of and protecting their skin, the skin will always be smooth and white thanks to drinking coconut water.

4. Group of berries

Popular berries in the top of the body’s cooling foods can be mentioned as raspberries, blueberries, strawberries …

They are a rich source of fiber for the body. For example, raspberries are packed with great ingredients with high levels of vitamin C and about 8g of fiber per cup of raspberries.

However, raspberries are not so popular because they are quite expensive when you buy them out of season. So if you don’t have the conditions, you should choose other body-cooling foods that are easier to find and cheaper, like the foods that will continue to be listed below!

Some other fruits such as apples, peaches, and avocados also have a cooling effect, so you should add these fruits to your menu every day, while promoting health, beautifying the skin but also helping to clear heat. Detoxify your body!

Some vegetables have a cooling effect

In addition to fruits, green vegetables are also a very good body cooling food, some are used to process dishes, some can be used to blend smoothies, such as:

1. Beets

Considering the ingredients in beets, according to research, beets contain a lot of iron, calcium, and betaine, which have a very good antioxidant effect.

In particular, betaine helps restore cells of the liver, helps protect the liver from toxins that the body absorbs from the outside such as alcohol, beer, tobacco… contributes to liver detoxification, body purification and detoxification. heat.

As a food to cool the body, so beets are very popular when preparing everyday dishes such as soups, or can be made into juices or combined with vegetable salads. . In the hot summer, having a cup of beetroot soup is a “standard card”.

2. Lotus root

In the summer, we often enjoy a cup of cool lotus root tea, eat as much heat, the discomfort in the body disappears, that’s because lotus root is a kind of food that cools the body. has a very good effect.

Because, according to Oriental medicine, lotus root has a diuretic effect, promoting the rapid elimination of wastes and toxins from the body at a fast rate, cleaning the circulatory system and removing wastes in the blood. Those who are hot in the body often, the body has acne, the heat often eats lotus root will help reduce the condition quickly.

In addition to cooking tea, lotus root can also be used to stew, steam, and cook soup.

3. Gotu kola

Talking about food that cools the body without mentioning gotu kola is a big mistake.

Gotu kola has cool properties, used to cool down, tonic liver, diuretic, so it has long been used regularly as a healthy food, especially to cool down in the summer.

Those who often suffer from acne, heat rash, cough … every day use 30-50g of fresh gotu kola, washed and then crushed or pureed, squeezed to drink water will help improve quickly.

Normally we can also use gotu kola in combination with cooking soup to add to the menu every day to help clear heat and detoxify the body!

4. Bitter gourd (bitter gourd)

Bitter melon is a remedy in Eastern medicine with many very good uses for health, it has a bitter taste, cool properties, helps to clear heat and increase resistance. Therefore, bitter melon juice is often used to treat boils, heat rash, rashes …

People often use thinly sliced ​​bitter melon to brew with water like drinking tea, in addition, you can also process bitter melon into a number of dishes such as bitter melon soup, stuffed bitter melon, fried bitter melon with eggs …to add to the daily menu will still work!

5. Spinach

Just like bitter melon or gotu kola, spinach is a type of body-cooling food that is used quite commonly in daily life.

Spinach has many effects on the body, but especially the effect of clearing heat, cooling, reducing blood fat, so in hot summer days, spinach is used a lot to cook soup. add to the menu every day.

6. Dark green vegetables

These can be mentioned as vegetables such as cauliflower, broccoli, kale … for example.

These vegetables will help increase chlorophyll, a type of chlorophyll for the digestive tract, create energy for the body and clean up heavy metal accumulation in the body, fight inflammation and reduce acidity.

Adding green vegetables to the menu, adding more fiber will contribute to cooling the body, and at the same time help the skin become smooth, vibrant, and reduce the risk of pimples, heat rash, itching. .

7. Legumes such as soybeans, black beans, green beans

Almost all types of beans have the effect of clearing heat, detoxifying, diuretic, is an indispensable body cooling food for those who often encounter hot conditions in the body.

Black beans and green beans we can process into teas, eaten in the summer with ice or hot tea are also delicious and have a cooling effect.

Particularly with soybeans, which are often processed into soy milk or tofu, especially tofu is cool, helps detoxify, rehydrate, replenish minerals and provide necessary electrolytes for the body. a lot in the summer, often processed into different types of dishes, very diverse.

Tofu is easy to eat, easy to prepare and is always the top food to cool down the body


Around us there are too many foods that cool the body that can be added to the menu every day. If your body is lacking in water, mineral deficiency, heat in the body causing boils, heat rash, urticaria, then research and immediately add the above foods to the menu every day to clear heat and detoxify. Please!

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