Caravan Service: Guide And Tips For Caravan Servicing

Your caravan must be maintained on a routine basis, not just for security purposes but also so that you may enjoy your vacation. When you do not get your caravan serviced yearly, things will go awry sooner or later. Your vacation is supposed to be a chance to unwind, not to look for flaws. A yearly caravan service might not ensure that you will be fine; however, it will lessen the likelihood of unanticipated complications developing.

Moreover, several visitors maintain their caravans, while others get them serviced at a repair centre yearly. This article goes through the caravan servicing procedure in detail. You could complete several of these service processes. However, there are several actions you must take with the help of specialists.

Caravan Service You Shouldn’t Miss

Consider the following caravan service tips if you wish to have a good trip.

Caravan Stabilising Hitch Head Service

There are many kinds of caravan stabilisers offered. The AL-KO stabilising hitch head is the most frequently seen on visitor caravans. In maintaining the caravan, it is crucial that the frictional pads are cleaned for them to perform well. Filth and grease might get attached to the pads’ surfaces. If the friction pad has enough thickness, it may be cleansed and utilised rather than rebuilt. When a repair centre is worried about the pads’ quality, consider replacing them.

Caravan Gas System Servicing 

Whenever it pertains to your caravan’s gas system, you should enlist the assistance of a specialist. A certified technician might do this at a service shop or a mobile caravan service business that is GasSafe certified. 

Moreover, there are many procedures for upgrading a caravan’s gas system. This includes a pressurisation test that is performed to determine if the caravan’s gas system can maintain pressure. When the pressure lowers, there is apparent leakage in the caravan’s gas line. For example, the pigtail, the elastic tubing that connects your LPG bottle to your caravan, might have to be replaced. An outdated pigtail could cause problems with your caravan’s gas controller.

Humidity Meter Caravan Dampness Test

Damp checking is a caravan service that you may do on your own with a caravan dampness tester. However, there are some things to think about. Expert damp testers employed by a portable caravan mechanic or repair centre will be more precise than the ones purchased by the typical caravanner.

Furthermore, if you wish to keep your caravan’s guarantee, an authorised repair centre must perform the damp test. However, it is smart to consider completing your wet testing before bringing your caravan for its yearly servicing. Suppose you see any concerns in particular areas. You may notify the service centre to inspect that specific area for moisture thoroughly.

Battery Check For A Caravan Leisure

Whenever it refers to regular caravan servicing, the functionality of your caravan leisure batteries is critical. A motorised caravan mover is utilised by numerous of our visitors. For the mover to operate, your leisure batteries must be in excellent condition. A caravan servicing centre will inspect the level of power and capability of your leisure batteries. Your recreational battery may have been destroyed if it was often depleted below 50%.

Caravan Accessories That Are Necessary

The convenience of packing contributes to the tremendous ease of bringing your caravan on vacation. Several Perth caravan accessories might make your trip much more enjoyable when you go. While modern caravans are well-equipped, several critical caravan components are only sometimes part of the selling price. So, before you use your caravan service, read this post for accessory suggestions you should take advantage of.


Mount your current vehicle’s side mirrors to view the back of your caravan whenever you are towing it. These are legal requirements that several owners need to meet.

Blanket Or Fire Extinguisher

They will presumably never be needed. If you are buying a used travelling caravan with an extinguisher, examine whether it has an expiration date and, if so, if it is still within the date.

Smoke And Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Both are essential caravan equipment but pay attention to checking and replacing the batteries routinely.

Lead For Electrical Connection

This is a must when you want to watch shows or operate a microwave for an extended length of time. Because it might only sometimes be possible to park so close to the electric outlet, 25 metres might be an appropriate length.

Battery For Recreation

A 12v battery will give you a stable energy source when you’re on a travelling caravan site without electrical hook-ups or when the power goes out, but ensure it is completely packed before you go.

Water Container

There are several types to choose from, but selecting one that could be rolled or is on tires will spare you the extra load required to transport a big container over the location.

A Flashlight And Extra Batteries

Electrical outages or late-night journeys are unavoidable at a certain point and are among the essential Perth caravan accessories. Ensure your torch is in good working order and keep it in an easily accessible location.

Cleaning Tool

Dust-Buster small vacuum cleaners are an excellent complement to any travel trailer. They occupy little room yet enable you to quickly and efficiently wash the whole caravan. They are portable and even allow you to get into tight spaces.


You should do certain parts of the caravan service on your own. However, you truly require a specialist to service these components when it pertains to the gas system, brakes, and 230V electrical grid on your caravan. If you choose a professional caravan repair facility or a mobile phone service technician, make sure they are authorised to operate on your caravan under guaranteed circumstances.

You should also confirm which of your caravan’s systems would and wouldn’t be examined as a servicing component. And critical aspects of your caravan, including the water system and the Perth caravan accessories, will necessitate that you repair and operate them yourself. If you decide to go forward with a yearly caravan service, it must be done for safety reasons and a good user experience when caravanning.

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