Top Things That Make Life Difficult

Make Life Difficult

Many people today live lives that are hectic, demanding, and oftentimes fruitless as they rush from one thing to the next and end up exactly where they started. I know what it’s like to have a long to-do list and seemingly no time to get it all done. Intending to get everything done, you try to maintain control while frantically running from one person to another and one project to another. If you find yourself in this group, even occasionally, you may want to consider some of the ways we complicate our own lives. The inverse is also correct. Unraveling the knots of anxiety can set us on the path to a more fulfilling existence.

Maybe what we really need isn’t a full slate of new responsibilities, but rather a thorough clearing of our schedules, both mental and otherwise. The signs that your life is too full and complicated are that you can’t remember what you did all day and you don’t feel any better or more fulfilled because of anything you did.

What’s the point in making things harder than they need to be?

If you’re looking for methods to simplify your life, here are 21 of the most common culprits and solutions.

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We Procrastinate

We put things off till later, resulting in a backlog of work, unanswered messages, and requests for our time and attention.

Things that we don’t finish can be the most distracting mental clutter. Overwhelm sets in when we fail to take care of things at the times, we know we should. When we’re too busy or feel like we’ll never be able to catch up, we put off finishing important tasks.

Putting things off causes additional work. Our life will love us eternally if we start doing things today.

We’re Afraid

The root of every difficulty in life is worry. The more anxious we are, the less likely it is that any given situation will actually be solved.

We Wait While

It never seems like the right time, so we wait for it. Since realizing this goal at the present time appears impossible, we are content to put it off until better times come. We’ve decided to wait till it’s a little easier to get started on the task. There has been nothing but waiting… We waste our entire lives waiting for things we have the ability, resources, and opportunity to achieve right now.

Waiting is good when you don’t have any say in the matter, but it’s not productive to sit around and hope for opportunities when you have the ability to make them happen yourself.

Here’s the solution to the age-old question of when to go for your dreams: right now.

We Exert More Effort Than is Necessary.

All requests are met with an enthusiastic “yes” from us. The word “commitment” means everything, but when you overdo it, you make everyone happy except yourself.

It’s tempting to want to jam-pack each and every day with new interactions, productive activities, and exciting adventures. But you have to wonder if it really is required.

Give yourself plenty of room to breathe. Hone the skill of politely declining an offer. Prepare, think. Simply take care of your responsibilities and ignore the rest.

We Put up With Far Too Many Interruptions

When we’re constantly on the move, we have limited patience for diversions. When we get unfairly interrupted, we respond adversely.

Interruptions should be kept to a minimal – if it isn’t an emergency, don’t dedicate your time to it. You will constantly be crazily busy if you allow individuals to push their heads in your door every ten minutes with pointless aims and tasks, they can handle themselves.

The time and energy you’ve been devoting to dealing with interruptions and diversions would be better spent on more pressing matters. Here Are Ten Useful Suggestions for Improving Your Concentration.

We Look to Others for Approval and Validation.

Many times we do this without even realising it. In all honesty though, we do most things with the hope that they will be well received. The more complaints we get, the more work we put into improving and changing it. This produces tension. Actually, the more you try to fit in, the more rejected you’ll feel.

Trying to please everyone is an impossible task. You’ll never be able to accomplish this, thus it’s challenging. It’s all just a game, and a pointless, meaningless one at that. You should do what you enjoy, love what you do, think what you think, and design the life you want to lead without worrying about what other people may say.

In other words, don’t be scared to enjoy every single moment of the journey you’re on and the life you’re living.

We’re Not Really Productive.

The two concepts are diametrically opposed; if you’re busy, you’re probably not as productive as you could be. Busyness will tire you out and complicate your life, so if you’re productive, you probably aren’t so busy that you can’t lift your head from your desk. Relax for a moment. Give yourself permission to take a step back, assess your current situation, and prioritize the actions that will have the most impact. In order to exert dominance, number eight is one of our main goals. We ruin both the trip and the destination for ourselves when we try to micromanage every detail.

We Aim for Control

Life is not about dominating other people but rather about building meaningful relationships. Harmony with one’s environment and one’s inner self. Maintaining an attitude of needing to manage every aspect of your life will leave you exhausted, frustrated, and bored very fast.

Master the art of letting go. Take a step back and let someone else take the reins for a while so that you can rest easy knowing that you aren’t responsible for every single decision or attempting to keep everything moving in every direction at once. Don’t waste your time. Relax for a while. Lower your standards a little bit.

No Matter How Much They Want to Fly Away, We Never Let Them.

If you refuse to let go of some things and people, your life will remain tangled. It’s possible that your requirements have changed in the intervening years. It’s possible that the folks who needed to be by your side a year ago aren’t the same ones who will be by your side now. You can relieve some stress by letting go of some of your grip on life. Doing so would only leave you feeling frustrated and confused about where you went wrong and why. Tolerate the existence of variety. Welcome the news. Relax your grip so you can seize the next opportunity that presents itself.

We Participate in Drama

We Take Part in It Drama is a cornerstone of the difficult and terrible existence we lead. When you give in to the drama of others and when you let your own dramatic tendencies free run, you set yourself up for emotional distress and mental anguish. Some people get their kicks out of stirring up trouble and don’t consider it a successful day until they’ve managed to put someone else in a bad light. Stop being so critical and start embracing others. Choose to recognize the best in others and encourage them to shine.

We Make Two Steps Forward and One Step Back

What this means is that we are hesitant. We ponder whether or not we should, initiate action, and then halt it. We imagine favorable outcomes, take action, run into an obstacle, and then give up. Instead of not taking any chances at all, why not take a chance and learn from the experience? If we are willing to keep our thoughts, eyes, and hearts open, we will find that life is rich with opportunities and possibilities. Keeping going until you receive what you want. Don’t let the thought of failure bring you down.

We Whine

When we focus on the negative and find nothing for which to be thankful for, we put unnecessary strain on ourselves. There’s little point in complaining about anything. By constantly looking ahead, we risk missing out on the opportunities and relationships right in front of us, such as the people and experiences that are now here. Taking a moment to breathe deeply is an essential part of the rewarding process of streamlining your life. We need to appreciate ourselves and our current circumstances and feel grateful. Not being able to stop dwelling on the past or plan for the future robs us of the pleasure of experiencing life as it is right now. Don’t waste time thinking anything but grateful thoughts.

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We Don’t Set Boundaries

Not at all; priorities must be set. One cannot give one’s full attention to everyone.

The world will keep turning even if you take a break to relax and enjoy a sunset or a nap. The way you define your boundaries shapes your identity, your worldview, and your place in the greater scheme of things. Put up walls, accept them, and stick to them. If you can’t manage something, that’s not a sign of weakness; it’s a time for your boundaries to shine. Respect for one’s health, time, energy, and life are demonstrated through the establishment of limits. Controlling our life begins with learning to say “yes” when we mean “no.” Your personal limits will be respected by others if you honor them yourself.

This is a Guide to Help You Establish Healthy Boundaries and Regain Control of Your Life.

Our Constant Comparison with Others

Or, don’t judge a book by its cover. You have every right to accept your life as it is, to make the changes you are confident you can make, and to chart your own course to fulfillment. No one has to be the author of your story. If you measure your success by how you stack up against others, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. Why do you think so few people make it in the real world? Because they are too preoccupied with trying to fit in with the crowd and adopt the appearance and behavior of those around them.

We Lie in Other Ways

When you lie to someone, you set yourself up for disappointment and grief. You must always be honest with yourself and others. You need to take a frank and honest look at your life and where you want to put your focus. It’s your choice to accept or reject the truth. Having to deal with the aftermath of a lie is never easy. If we are honest with ourselves, we show that we care about ourselves. Those who truly love others will not withhold the truth from them. We don’t just act and think honestly, but we also express the truth.

We Don’t Forgive Because…

Not letting go of past hurts, resentments, and pent-up irritation, as well as negative feelings like hate and wrath, only serves to make things more difficult in the present. To your own detriment, you are intentionally damaging your health and outlook. When you forgive yourself and others on purpose, even if they don’t ask, appreciate, or deserve it, you set yourself free from the shackles of these negative feelings. To the extent that you give credence to these emotions, they will accompany you for the rest of your life. For your own good, you should just let them go.

When We Think About Ourselves, We Forget About Everyone Else.

Our culture is extremely individualistic. Many of us care solely about ourselves and our own needs, wants, likes, desires, and desires to advance, make money, travel, eat well, etc. However, we miss out on larger rewards and pleasures when we confine our attention solely to ourselves. Being preoccupied with one’s own thoughts and feelings all the time will lead to chaos. Attempt more connections. To give, to serve, and to love.

In Relationships, We Fail to Provide Adequate Care

You can’t make it without relationships whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, a loner or a social butterfly. At our very core, we are social creatures (or social animals, if you prefer). Those who are the happiest on Earth are those who have strong bonds with others that are built on trust, open communication, and mutual respect. I didn’t mean to imply that you should instantly become best friends with everyone you meet. But there are some in your life who know you and you know them, and you feel a strong bond and sense of camaraderie with one another; these are the connections you should prioritize, cherish, and grow.

Feelings of honesty, dependency, sacrifice, and a deep and abiding commitment all come together when we’re in the company of others we care about deeply and who care deeply about us.

We Can’t Escape the Past

If you don’t use the past to educate yourself, what’s the point? It’s a sad fact of life that as we mature, we make mistakes and do things we later regret.

We’ve accomplished maturation, but we haven’t yet accomplished transition. The past is the past; we should take what we can from it, then put it behind us and go on. There are certain actions, choices, and mentalities we would change if we could go back in time. But the truth is that we can’t.

It’s impossible to be who we are now if we could go back in time and alter events. Accept your shortcomings, figure out how to laugh at yourself, and keep going.

We Attempt Cheating.

Trying to glide through life and avoid responsibility is never a good idea. One’s basic objective in life should be to always act morally.

If we set out to do what is right and make decisions that are grounded in knowledge, wisdom, and up-to-date information, we will inevitably make some mistakes, but we won’t have to constantly second-guess ourselves or bog ourselves down with regrets.

Always act in a moral manner. Don’t lie to yourself. Communicate openly. Just admit it if it’s bad. Do it if you think it’s right. Even if no one else realizes your good deeds, you will. You are in possession of a conscience, and it is up to you to ensure that your conscience is unfettered enough to guide your actions.

Avoiding the Hard Stuff

So many individuals avoid arguments at all costs. When something goes wrong, they immediately remove themselves from the discussion. To continue in this manner is to act like the proverbial ostrich, with its head buried in the sand. Avoiding an issue only makes things worse in the long run. Do you have the courage to undertake difficult discussions? Do you want your life to improve, or are you going to avoid the hard parts? Tensions that aren’t resolved now will only escalate. Your capacity for sane and effective life management is directly proportional to your willingness to face and deal with difficult situations and individuals.

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