How Can ESL Students Overcome Their Assignment Writing Problems?

Assignment Writing Problems

Assignment writing is the most important part of a student’s higher studies. Most ESL students whose first language is not English trouble writing their assignments well. They may face multiple assignment writing problems due to a lack of English proficiency. Assignments are given to students to enhance their in-depth knowledge about the topic and improve their writing and communication skills.

Obtaining a degree with honours needs good marks. Students can obtain good grades by writing their assignments well. To write a good assignment, students need to overcome their assignment writing problems. Students need to learn the ways to tackle these problems. For this sake, I am writing this article. To learn and understand how to solve these problems, go through this article.

In this article, we will discuss how ESL students can overcome their assignment writing problems.

What Are The Assignment Writing Problems That Students Face While Writing?

ESL students face various assignment writing problems during writing their assignments. The most common problems that students can face are discussed below:

Lack Of Writing Skills

One of the major assignment writing problems among ESL students is the lack of their writing skills. As English is not their first language, they find it difficult to write their assignments in a perfect way. Writing a good assignment needs excellent writing skills. Students know very well what to include in their assignments to answer the problem question, but they can’t write this due to their lack of English. They don’t know how to express their thoughts in English wording.

Due to this, they complete their assignments with plenty of spelling and grammar mistakes. They also don’t know how to write a line with excellent structure perfectly. Because of all these things, they end up with assignments with so many mistakes, resulting in getting low grades.

Time Management

The other major problem among the assignment writing problems is that students can’t be able to manage their time. Writing an assignment requires a lot of things to do. Students have to select a bet topic fopr their assignment. After that, they must select their research method and collect the information and data about the topic using different sources. Once they have done with their data collection, their next step is to analyse and find results.

All these things require a lot of time. Due to multiple writing tasks at a time during their higher degree, students can’t take time to write their assignments with proper concentration. They are unable to manage their time, which results in not completing their assignments before the submission date.

Lack Of Sources From Where They Collect Data About The Topic

Most ESL students face difficulty finding sources for collecting data about their topics. It is one of the biggest assignment writing problems that students face while writing. Writing a good assignments requires a good source of information and data. Most students can’t find many resources to collect their topic data. Because of this, they don’t have enough data and struggle while writing their assignments.

However, suppose ESL students find sources for data collection, but they also find it difficult to collect because of their poor English language. To collect information from various sources require proper reading and understanding. But how can a student who lacks English read and understand the different sources? Because of this, he finds it difficult to collect information about the topic.

High-Quality Assignment

If a student wants to obtain good grades in his degree, he must submit a well-written, well-researched, and high-quality assignment to the professor. Writing a high-quality assignment is not so simple. It requires a greater understanding of the English language and writing skills. An ESL student with poor English language skills can’t write a good-quality assignment. Because of this, it is also one of the major assignment writing problems that students face.

Now, you know some common and major assignment writing problems. Let’s take a look at some tips to overcome these writing problems:

What Are The Ways To Overcome The Assignment Writing Problems?

The following ways will help you to tackle the assignment writing problems:

Do Some Reading

The first way to tackle the assignment writing problems is to do some reading before starting to write your assignment. Reading is a way to enhance English proficiency and vocabulary. Another advantage of reading is that it will sharpen your mind, resulting in you coming up with your unique ideas. For this sake, you can read any type of book, magazine, article, or research paper according to your interest.

Select The Best Topic

To overcome different assignment writing problems, you should select the best topic for your assignment. To select the best topic, find your area of interest and choose it from them. It is very important to select an interesting topic because you can easily write your assignment on it.

Take Online English Classes

You should join any online English language class to learn English. It will help you to grasp the English language. Many online classes are available that assure you that they will teach you English in a month. Taking help from these classes will help to enhance your language proficiency. Because of this, you can easily tackle those assignment writing problems.

Do Some Writing

The best way to improve your English language and vocabulary is by writing. Write almost 500 to 600 words per day so that you can grasp this language. For this sake, go to the internet and read any story or novel. After reading that, try to write it in your own wording. I assure you that by doing this for a month, you will be able to overcome those assignment writing problems.

Take Assignment Help Online

The ultimate solution to those assignment writing problems is to hire a reputable assignment writing service such as The Academic Papers UK. This service has a team of experienced writers that are experts in the English language. They can easily write your assignment without any mistakes.


ESL students face multiple assignment writing problems because of their deficiency in the English language. They need to learn some techniques to overcome these problems.

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