First Week On Fiverr ($500 Earned)

Fiverr is a freelance marketplace created in Israel that enables users to buy “gigs” for as little as $5.

The service, which was introduced in 2010, has experienced exponential growth in part as a result of being accessible to digital marketers. Everyone from SEOs to Amazon FBA power sellers use the platform to outsource menial tasks to the experts who are offering their services.

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By 2015, reports of service providers making significant revenue or profit from the system started to surface. One such provider, SPXMAC, reported revenue of more than $40,000 per month (a remarkable achievement).

In light of this, individuals with genuine expertise, skills, and knowledge to offer have been drawn to offer their services through the system, including myself.

I thought it would be appropriate to share some of the platform-related progress I made in light of this. Although it’s not much, it could help some people understand what works and what doesn’t.

Fiverr’s Online System (How It Works)

The provider must create the offer for the client, which is the most crucial thing to understand about Fiverr.

There are numerous other “freelancing” websites, but they rely on clients posting gigs or jobs and providers helping out by posting proposals. Following that, the client will evaluate the proposals and select one.

The Fiverr system’s opposite nature has created a new way for the “freelancing” system to operate.

The service provider is essentially able to offer a number of “products” / “services” through which they are able to offer buyers a more structured, systematic set of work instead of pitching for work.

For instance, if you offer logo services, you might charge $150 for your “logo design” service, which customers can visit, inquire about, and buy.

The key is that this new model is distinct from the previous one and, in many cases, is superior. As a result, the provider is encouraged to systematize the delivery process as much as possible, resulting in even higher quality, lower costs, and more efficient service delivery. It centers all attention on the good or service being offered.

Understanding what customers are truly seeking for and being able to meet their needs in the most efficient manner are crucial if you want to develop successful (profitable) items or services to sell on the site. I started out by providing my services in this way.

Products / Services To Sell

It goes without saying that any market or platform has its winners and losers.

The most significant discovery I have made regarding the platform is that there are essentially “two” methods for listing goods and services:

01/.List goods or services that correspond to your expertise; for example, if you’re a graphic designer, you may provide things like eBook covers, logo designs, or website templates for cheap.

02/.List goods and services in accordance with market need; as was already said, many “digital marketers” turn to Fiverr for low-cost but high-quality services for their expanding online enterprises.

The latter will be more quicker but allow for less innovation in the offering, while the former is probably going to take longer to generate much fruit.

I usually attempt to combine the two; I take what’s popular and give it my own spin.

Writing services for “Amazon Product Listing Descriptions” are among the most well-liked listings I’ve seen. The most prosperous of them is “SPXMAC,” who brings in more than $30k/$40k each month.

There are now 3 service providers, and they regularly get 15 to 30 GB requests every day. Without a doubt, SPXMAC is in the lead.

My Experience

To be clear, I did not accomplish this in my own name; rather, I assisted a buddy in starting up, and we split the earnings.

In order to achieve this, I first listed a number of general services on the Fiverr marketplace based on my friend’s practical expertise (he was involved with finance).

We started out by writing articles, assuming that a number of high-end “finance” blogs (who relied on quality, accurate, and up-to-date content) would be willing to hire a specialist who had been involved with a lot of transactions, trades with a private consortium in London, and is also very tech-savvy.

I created a profile listing for him that detailed his work in the field, his experiences, and—most importantly—the rationale behind why he was offering his skills on Fiverr.

The final thing I said was that he wanted to build his own brand and thought that writing articles for pay would be the best way to achieve so. It would immediately establish precedence for whomever was making the purchase as opposed to submitting guest pieces.

This seems to go over rather well (as shown by the fact that other blog owners purchasing his articles and utilizing his name or image as a “author” on their websites).

The first thing we tested when it came to the items we provided was a “Forex” article writing service. This wasn’t very well-liked since the market is quite congested and usually operates in cycles (for example, when the USD/GBP currency pair declines, etc.).

We wrote ten “crypto” articles for $25 each, and they were quite successful. Although very little, this enabled us to make some progress in terms of system evaluations and comments.

Most individuals who purchased the packages just let us choose which articles to write (we mostly wrote about the most recent market movements, the significance of blockchain, etc.) and started concentrating on scaling up as much as possible.

The “crypto” articles had a decent run (we each earned $500 in the first week), but at such a cheap price, it was unprofitable. As a result of our mutual exhaustion, we both made the decision to slightly raise the price, which dramatically reduced the volume of interest and throughput.

In spite of the fact that the frequency of sales decreased, the feedback received and the caliber of customers greatly improved.


The most important lesson I’ve learned from my time spent online is to use your own face.

I’ve done quite a few things in the past using aliases. While some of them were legitimate (operating the second-largest Webkinz website), the bulk were done out of sheer paranoia over what I was up to.

Also Read More: First Week On Fiverr ($500 Earned)

.Although I had a good cause to hide my identity, the fact is that doing so stopped me from developing at all. In order to achieve this, one of the most important things I began doing for my buddy was stressing the need of owning your name and making sure you present your own experiences, ideas, and skills as the fundamental reason why someone should consider you.

If you do decide to use Fiverr, I’d advise you to do so since it’s one of the few platforms where you can genuinely “own” your identity online by offering useful material. Consider it an addition to social media platforms like LinkedIn or Twitter that allows the online community to interact with you.

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