Ways to Invest for Capital Gains

6 Ways to Make Capital Gains

Investment income often falls into one of two categories. Gains from investments and capital gains.
Income from an asset is known as investment income, and examples include interest on savings, rent from real estate, and dividends from stocks.
Capital gains are increases in an asset’s value; examples of increases in asset value include increases in the value of real estate, stocks, and other assets.

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Precious metals like gold, bitcoin, antiques, and other collectible things are examples of investments that only provide capital gains.
The following investments offer capital gains:

The Sharemarket
Excellent prospects for capital gains exist on the stock market.
Because of the transaction costs associated with buying and selling shares, most people choose not to engage directly in the markets because it is not financially feasible. Nevertheless, there are many managed funds available for investors with low resources. One is Sharesies in New Zealand. With shares, investors have the ability to drip-feed money into the markets and can participate in a variety of funds or specific businesses. Investnow, Kernelwealth, and Hatch are further platforms in New Zealand that fit a similar description. However, they are not the only ones.

The managed (Mutual Funds) that your retirement plan invests in are likewise a type of capital gain. In New Zealand, signing up for Kiwisaver is an easy decision. The retirement plan in New Zealand is called Kiwisaver.


Many investors have used both their own money and borrowed money to invest in real estate, making it a favorite Captain Gains instrument. Rent earnings provide the income needed to pay the mortgage. Due to the wide variety of mutual funds accessible and the low start-up expenses, all connected costs are the most common type of capital gains and the simplest for new investors to get their feet wet in the markets and learn as they go. In New Zealand, Sharesies offers the opportunity to participate in managed funds or specific businesses for as $1. It is a fantastic method for tax deductions. Such an investment may backfire in the form of unreliable tenants. If you’re willing to take a chance, this investment could be right for you.

If you want to sell your property in the future, it can be an excellent source of capital gains.

Investing in shares of real estate investment firms on the stock market is another option to start climbing the property ladder. Buying stock in individual businesses or professionally managed funds that invest in real estate can accomplish this
Compound Interest

You’ve probably heard of compound interest, which occurs when you make investments in accounts with fixed terms paying x% interest. You may earn interest on your principal and past interest payments by letting your interest payments be added to your principal rather than being deposited into your bank account. Compound interest is what we call this. The increase to your capital is called “capital gains.”

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Currently (2020), interest rates are extremely low; in some cases, they are even lower than the rate of inflation, which makes this type of investing less appealing. Therefore, it’s crucial to conduct your research and avoid being duped by a financial firm that offers greater interest rates than usual because such rates come with a bigger risk. These financial institutions with higher interest rates lend to borrowers with more risk.

I’m not suggesting you shouldn’t invest in these businesses; just make sure you do your research and diversify your holdings rather than putting all of your money into one business.


Despite being totally speculative, this one can be an excellent hedge against a market slump. Finding a location to store gold is the only problem. Purchasing gold equities on the stock market is an additional method of gold investment. Another choice is to buy gold coins on auction websites like eBay and Trade. It pays to conduct your research and study as much as you can about gold and other precious metals, just as with other investments.

Crypto Currency

Only invest money in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and the like if you can afford to lose it, since they should be viewed as speculative investments. What I’m trying to suggest is that you buy cryptocurrency with your extra money. This form of investment may be quite volatile, but one piece of advice that may be helpful is to spread out your cryptocurrency purchases rather than buying them all at once so that you have a chance of doing so while the price is low. It’s known as averaging.

When you buy collectibles with the intention of selling them, you may feel satisfied and make money. When dealing in antiques, you really need to be an expert. Always keep in mind that something is only worth what someone else is willing to pay for it. However, if another artwork is sold at auction for merely $10, then that is what it is worth. If someone is willing to spend $1,000 for a painting at auction, then that is what it is worth. The worth of anything is merely subjective.
A few Banksy artworks recently (in 2020) sold in New Zealand for over $100,000. The artworks were purchased by the vendor for $500 total in London (UK) some time ago. It only demonstrates how having a keen eye for a deal may pay off.

Collectors can advertise their duplicates on auction websites for minor artifacts like postal stamps, currency, beer labels, and so on to help support their interest.

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