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matheran camping

Preface –

Make your Matheran vacation unforgettable as it is a small hill station in the Sahyadri region of Western Goth, full of breathtaking views and tranquillity. The hills are covered with tall trees and have a green beauty that offers an experience you want to cherish. Accommodation in the camp is provided in tents. Located in a place where the beauty of nature is alive, the tent allows you to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of nature. Check-in time is 12:00.

Camp Location – Alexander Heritage & Rainforest Resort, Matheran, Maharashtra. Enjoy nights in comfortable tents for 2-3 people. Explore Alexander Point, Garbett Point, Sunset Point, Cart Point Matheran and Charlotte Lake on a grand cruise. Join the team for a delicious dinner with music, dancing and a bonfire.

Carom camping experience, chess, darts, badminton, etc. All basic facilities are provided, such as a private cafe and electricity, so you can enjoy camping at your leisure.  The camp is located 80 km from Mumbai and 120 km from Pune. It’s reachable by public or private transport.

Additional Points for Matheran Camping –

It is also known for its pleasant mild climate and well-preserved Western architecture. Motor vehicles are prohibited and most visitors arrive on the 1907 narrow-gauge Neral-Matheran toy train. The vantage point offers views of the Western Ghats. It is famous for its flora and fauna, and biodiversity and is a great place to spend time with nature. Some of the most amazing points to explore near this place are Garbett Point, Alexander Point. It is amazing. You can visit Matheran anytime for a healing experience in summer, a comfortable stay in winter and the most beautiful waterfall experience during the rainy season. Also, don’t miss the toy train, local market and horse riding experience!

The hill station of Matheran is located in the Raigad district of the Western Ghats state of Maharashtra. A very beautiful hill station where you can admire and enjoy nature in all its splendor. The hill station is about 90 km from Mumbai and about 120 km from Pune.

Camping in Mathera:

 Matheran Jungle is a popular camping spot and offers the most surreal experience. There is a very nice flora and fauna near the campsite. You will enjoy nature and spend time in its bosom.

Camping with greenery everywhere makes travel worthwhile and brings a change of pace and scenery to everyday life. Best to visit in all seasons. Matheran Camping has all your basic needs and a beautiful setting in a forest retreat. Enjoy delicious food, stay in a tent with comfortable beds, enjoy games and activities, music and a campfire with your loved ones.

Soil and rocks –

Geographically, the rocks consist only of Deccan disintegration, Cretaceous intertrappe, Leverage and younger laterites. The rock is basalt that has undergone a secondary alteration known as laterite. Laterites dominate the hills and almost cover the hills. It features a red gravel soil with a hard exposed laterite surface. Soils have a vermicular or loamy structure and contain large amounts of water. Most hills have little soil cover. The top layer of stones is soft, porous iron clay from which water drains in early summer. The vegetation in your area depends on the type and depth of the soil. Vegetation at the edge of the plateau is poor because of the shallow soil depth. High rainfall, land erosion and excessive soil leaching reduce fertility and water retention in open areas, resulting in shallow-rooted vegetation. Tree planting is necessary to protect the ground cover from losing valuable moisture and fertility. During the rainy season, very strong winds blow from the west or southwest, and dry winds blow for three months from January to March. These winds cut and bend the plants as they absorb moisture.

 Wildlife –

Monkeys are also plentiful in the city, including the hooded monkey and the Hanuman langur. It has many domestic horses for riding and is one of the icons of Matheran. Animals like barking deer, Malabar squirrels, foxes, wild boars and mongoose live in the forest. However, these animals are smaller than monkeys and usually do not visit areas where humans are active. leopard spotting

There have been several reports of leopard sightings in Matheran in the last decade. However, leopards are not known to live in Matheran. The dense forests in the valleys around Matheran are suspected to harbour them. However, India’s declining population means they are very rare today. Matheran has reported zero cases of leopard attacks.

The peak season to visit Matheran Camp –

The climate of Matheran is pleasant throughout the year, but the best time to visit is between October and May. The following are seasonal holidays throughout the year so you can plan your trip accordingly. October-November: Monsoons have subsided and temperatures are cool, making this an ideal time to visit.


Winters are cold and temperatures are usually above 11°C. This is a great time to visit and is especially popular with honeymooners. It is mostly sunny during the day, but can be a bit chilly in the evenings and mornings, so wear light woollen clothing. March to May: Daytime highs exceed 35°C, but are generally very pleasant and the weather is perfect for sightseeing, hiking and other adventures.


 The area receives heavy rains during the monsoon season, which makes outdoor activities a bit more difficult. But now there are few tourists, so you can enjoy the gentle rain and freshly washed greenery in peace. This is also when Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated in Maharashtra, so you can make the most of the occasion and take part in the festivities in Matheran.

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