Buran Ghati Trek: Everything to know



Located at an altitude of 15,000 feet in central Himachal, Buran Ghati is a very versatile trek and an exciting pass. This incredible trek starting from Janglik is ideal though it has everything adventurous including snow wall sliding and belly drop. 

Therefore, during your walk you can admire the changing topography, changing vegetation, magnificent mountain views, lush forests, and charming idyllic villages. 

The amazing journey and beauty of Buran Ghati make it look like a diamond hidden in a hill! 

Stelling Valley scenery is breathtaking so each campsite has a unique dynamic during the Buran Ghati Pass Trek. 

Trekking in Snow, but instead, the Green Bugyal in May pulls you deeper and deeper into the journey thanks to the cool winds blowing from the high mountains. 

The highlight of such a trek is Chandernahan Lake, a magnificent lake between two mountains. About 1,260 meters (13,980 feet) above sea level. The fact that this trek starts from Junglik neighborhood and ends at Barua road is another unique aspect of it. You have to wake up differently every day, so you won’t feel like you are anywhere during this walk. 

About – The Janglik Base Camp of Buran Ghati Trek

 Janglik Village is a quaint little village at an altitude of 280

 meters. There appear to be some homestays and small businesses. You will see unusual Deodar wooden houses. 

 Janglik, which acts as our main bearing. From here you start the trek to the Buran Ghati Pass. 

 When is the best time for the Trek Bura Ghat pass? 

 Buran Ghati Pass Trek is a spectacular and gradual ascent in the Himalayas, making it ideal for those who have a deep passion for adventurous activities and see it as a special purpose in life. 

 We are locals from the Himachal border who have been on this journey for many years and have all the necessary experience. 

 The best time to do Buran Ghati Pass Trek is from 5th May to 30th October. It is safe, convenient, and free from all hassles. 

 Along with the winter weather in May and June, during the excursion, you can see greenery that resembles a miniature version of Switzerland. which will make your excursion memorable and challenging. Therefore this hike should not be considered too easy. 

 Trekking Buran Ghati Pass in May or June? 

 Trekkers have a strange dynamic during the Buran Ghati Pass Trek in May and June when Snow starts falling after the Dayara Thach event in May. 

 Buran Ghati Trek starts from Jungle village and ends at Barua village. valtatiepää 

 The hike is especially spectacular in May and June, when there is both greenery and snow. 

 Buran Pass temperature varies between 5-10 °C during the day and surprisingly drops to -1-5 °C at night. Buran Ghati Trek 

 Buran Pass thus offers 360-degree views. 

 The most daring part of this hike, on the other hand, are the five snow slides. 

 Enjoy landing home even in wintry weather. 

 Explore the lush green meadows of Dayara full of wild flowers during the trek. 

 After that visit Chandernahan Lake. 

 You will pass many river systems along the way. 

 As you progress through the mixed forests, you will find more vibrant flowers and bushes. 

 At the end of the village of Barua there are also many orchards. 

How challenging is the trek to Buran Ghat Pass?

 Buran Ghati Pass Trek is a moderate trek that can be done at both moderate and difficult levels. I have done this trek a few times with people who are new to the trek and we have covered the entire trail. However, they sometimes needed help, and we and our team helped them. 

 How to reach Gontri Kedartal Trek Base Camp: 

 By Flight 

 The nearest airport to Dehradun is Jolly Grant Airport which is just 25 km from the city. There are direct flights from Delhi to this airport. You have to take a bus or taxi to reach Gangotri. 

 Or by train 

 to Dehradun station. Nandadevi Express but instead Dehradun Express are night trains that depart from Delhi. People often choose trains over planes because they can see the scenery in its full glory on the railways and can also save money while traveling to Dehradun. You have to take a bus or taxi to reach Gangotri. 

 By Route 

 Regular bus service from Delhi ISBT Kashmere Gate. These buses are run by the government and are safer than private market buses. You have to take a bus or taxi to reach Gangotri.

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