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How to drive safely to avoid risks in any situation on the road surface learn this with an Automatic car instructor. Advice and safe driving courses to learn how to deal with unexpected and extreme situations of rain, snow, and ice, automatic driving lessons coventry helped by the devices of the new cars and motorcycles.

Safe driving should be the top priority of all motorists, especially young people. Proving yourself on the roads has always been an 18-year milestone as a sign of maturity in life. If the economic crisis, queues, and traffic have taken away a bit of the charm of cars and many young people prefer to travel virtually with computers and smartphones, it is also true that there is greater awareness of the risks one run on the roads.

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Driving safely in Birmingham is a commandment made up of rules that should always be respected whether you are traveling by car alone or with passengers. It means driving with awareness and attention, trying to minimize the possibility of accidents, not only. In times of environmental and economic crises, safe driving is more sustainable, sober, and attentive to fuel consumption, brakes, and mechanical parts. What is the general advice for motorists and motorcyclists?

Safe driving rules

Driving in snow and rain

Drive well and save

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Safe driving courses

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Safe driving rules

Driving cars and motorcycles can be a pleasant and unique experience during a holiday trip, or boring and tiring in the queues of daily city traffic. But we must never forget that driving is not as trivial and simple as it seems, Automatic driving lessons in coventry, but could be very dangerous without the right amount of attention. Car technology is making great strides in terms of safety, but while waiting for autonomous driving to arrive, there is the driver first.

Seat adjustment

The first rule for driving safely, especially in times of car sharing, concerns seat adjustment. When sitting on a new car for the first time, it must be adjusted to reach the pedals comfortably and immediately with heels supported, shoulders resting against the backrest with arms bent on the steering wheel. Adjust the mirrors to reach the blind spots and once in motion keep your hands on the steering wheel in the exact position corresponding to 9.15 on a clock with hands.

Drive concentrated without getting distracted

You must always drive concentrated without getting distracted by your smartphone or selecting songs on the car stereo, reading maps on the navigator, or picking up objects on the floor. Most accidents happen due to distraction. Always look at the road ahead and not at other passengers. Singing in your car can help keep you focused.

Traveling at low speed

Traveling at low speed and respecting road signs is very important because as speed increases, reaction times to unexpected events and the severity of damage due to an accident increase. Pay attention to other vehicles, respecting safety distances and anticipating any unholy and unexpecting maneuvers by cars, motorcycles, and trucks that follow or stay alongside and to the side. Always consider ample room for correction on the mistakes of others.

Do not drive tired

Do not drive tired and in the event of long journeys, plan short stops and any restorative naps. Do not drive if you are drinking alcohol, drugs, or other substances, but also without eating, drinking water, or sleeping. Do not eat or drink while driving and if you are hungry or thirsty it is better to pull over for a few minutes. Keep children in the appropriate seats and prevent them from moving around in the car or making too much noise in the passenger compartment.

Driving in snow and rain

With asphalt wet by rain, snow, or ice it is necessary to further reduce the speed and increase the safety margins by double comparing to the usual ones. The braking distances in poor grip conditions are much greater and the behavior of the car with sudden braking or steering is not predictable. In particular, to drive safely on snow or ice in the mountains there are a series of rules to be respects starting from looking at the snowfall report.

Snowy paths

With snowy asphalt, the speed must be further reduce and the safety distance increase. Any maneuver and movement of the steering wheel must be done smoothly. Do not brake and accelerate hard, and go along with the car by downshifting and using engine braking to decelerate. To avoid any sudden move, it is important to predict the behavior of your car and anticipate that of others.

Driving on snowy roads

If the car slides on the snow uphill to get out of the way, it may be necessary to start in second gear, accelerating gently or taking a bit of a run-up. Snowy downhill roads are the most dangerous and must be tackle with extreme caution, very slowly, and with adequate gear, even with chains or snow tires which, while increasing grip, do not allow you to drive as safely as on dry roads.

Drive well and save

Driving safely also means respecting the environment and saving money. The price of fuels and the wave of ecology and sustainability have given motorists a new awareness of the damage cause by unsafe driving, Automatic car lessons on accelerating, braking, and not optimizing the journey lead to consuming much more petrol as well as compromising our safety and that of others.

What does it mean to drive safely and sustainably?

First of all decrease speed and sportiness. Reducing your pace by just 10 km/h on long journeys saves a lot of petrol. The difference between traveling 100 kilometers at 100 and 120 km/h in terms of time is just 10 minutes with 20% higher consumption. To consume less you need to accelerate slowly and use high gears by running the engine at low rpm.

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