What Are Some Easy Steps To Get A Canadian Business Visa?

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Canada is a country with attractive business opportunities, including Retail, Construction, Agriculture, etc., sectors. No wonder everyone wants to try their business luck in Canada. Are you also planning to advance your business relationships in Canada? Then, you will need a Canadian business visa. With a Canadian business visa, you can temporarily visit Canada for business purposes. It allows you to attend business discussions or conferences, meet prospective clients, etc. By doing so, with a Canadian business visa, you can explore fascinating business opportunities in Canada. 

However, to get a Canadian business visa, you must first understand the entire application procedure. The five steps below will give you a profound understanding of the Canada business visa requirements. Furthermore, this will help you get the visa hassle-free.

1. Check your eligibility requirements:

To apply for a Business Visa Canada, you should meet the following requirements. 

  • You should have a valid reason to visit the country.
  • You should speak either English or French language.
  • You should have your business in a country other than Canada.
  • You must ensure you will not work on a business visa in Canada.
  • You should have enough funds to look after yourself as long as you are in the country.
  • You should not have any criminal record history.
  • You should satisfy the government’s fundamental health requirements.

If you fail to meet any of the above conditions, the Canadian Embassy may reject your application.

2. Select the best Canadian immigration program for your business:

With the business immigration program, the Canadian government encourages and welcomes immigrants looking forward to exploring business ideas. So, if you are planning for business immigration in Canada, you must not overlook this step. You must select the best business program or category that suits your business idea in Canada. Selecting the business category that matches your expertise increases your visa approval chances.

3. Check essential documents:

The documents are a vital part of the visa application process. Therefore, you should do your homework on these documents in advance. The documents you require for a Canada business visa are

  • Identity proof like a valid passport.
  • Two photographs as per Canadian photo requirement.
  • A valid invitation letter for a business meeting or conference from a Canadian company.
  • Registration documents of your current company.
  • Registration documents from the Canadian company that has invited you.
  • An employment letter from your current company stating your job title, salary, and reason for a Canada visit. 
  • Language proficiency proof.
  • An accommodation proof.
  • A valid police certificate that shows no previous criminal records.
  • A medical examination certificate.

You must have these documents certified by authorized persons. 

4. Fill out the application form and pay the fees:

After collecting the vital documents, you must check the application deadlines based on your selected business immigration program. Adhering to these deadlines ensures the validity of your Canada business visa application. After confirming deadlines, you can move ahead to fill out the following application forms. 

  • Generic application form to Canada
  • Schedule A: Background/Declaration
  • Additional Dependents/Declaration (if applicable)
  • Schedule 13 – Business Immigration Programs – Startup business class
  • Supplementary Information – Your travels
  • Additional Family Information
  • Use of a representative

You can proceed with paying the application fees after completing the above forms carefully. The application fee depends on factors like permit duration, number of entries, additional service charges, etc. However, as per IRCC, you will pay an application processing fee of $1625. For the right of permanent residence, you have to pay a cost of $515.

5. Submit your application and get eTA:

The last step is submitting the application forms to IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada) via the IRCC web portal. Or you can mail the application to IRCC’s mailing address. IRCC thoroughly checks your application and documents. If everything is in place, you will receive an acknowledgment letter. However, for anything missing, IRCC will return your application.

So, ensure you have filled in all details and provided the necessary documents. Also, check for any missing signatures in your application before submitting it. If you find one or want to make any changes, contact IRCC immediately. After successfully submitting the visa application, you will need an eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) to travel to Canada. Once your passport is ready, you need to complete the eTA online application form and pay the fees.

The Final Thought:

Every entrepreneur wants to migrate to Canada from India for business expansion. The best part? The business visa in Canada has made that possible for professionals and entrepreneurs like you. Now, these five easy steps will help you understand every minute requirement of the Canada business visa. With this robust information, you can easily migrate to Canada from India for business expansion. 

However, today you can find immigration consulting companies to support you throughout the process. You can consult them, and they guide you from A to Z regarding Canadian business immigration requirements. By doing so, you can easily simplify your business visa application process and avoid possible delays. Now, you are a few steps away from fulfilling your dream of venturing into a successful business in Canada.

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